Too Shrunken for Visuals

Three months ago, I got this mysterious message that led to a public post by the size-lit writer and artist Masked Collager on Giantess City:

Welcome to another edition of my favorite stories (cue the Masterpiece Theater music). Tonight I present Too Shrunken, Too Furious by Aborigen. TSTF is one of his short stories in his Fairview series about a mixed-sized couple, Shaun and Janine.

It goes without saying that Aborigen is an excellent writer. That said the two things I like about his stories are: a) He knows how to write women. My first smell test with any story is; does the female protagonist act like a man wearing a giant woman suit? Yeah I hate those stories. b) With any mix-sized couple story where the woman really, really loves her shrunken man, my first question is WHY?? Because in the real world it can be hard to find a girl who accept a guy for being the same height when she’s wearing heels, much less a shrunken guy. Aborigen’s gentle giantess stories unlike many others are for the most part plausible.

Masked Collager had such nice things to say, and then he created this amazing photo montage inspired by my story! I hope everyone enjoys this, but there’s no way anyone can enjoy it as much as I do. I’m thrilled and honored at such a gesture, and now WordPress has designed an easy way to share it with everyone. (Click any image to view the gallery.)


4 thoughts on “Too Shrunken for Visuals

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  2. Giantess high school girl in uniform carring me in her shirt pocket she let’s me sleep in her pocket because her pocket on her left breast her boobs are like fluffy pillows


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