Bottom of the Funnel, 08: Schmear Tactics

Aditya stood beside the door and watched the men, as I did, constructing the new furniture. “This is really going to open things up,” she said. “That would be true for any of us, but you especially: I suppose this office will look like a warehouse to you now. Is that accurate?”

I looked up at her from the small, round table by my door. Her sari shifted and flowed in the stale office air. She leaned against the door jamb near me, unconsciously bouncing her butt off the wall in a waiting gesture. “It’s pretty warehouse-like right now, but I take your meaning. I’m just surprised at myself, that this took so long to do.”

“We offered it to you,” she said, leaning out slightly to perceive me over her shoulder and chest. “You were very clear about, how did you put it… performing like an equal?”

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