Underass Handbook

So: you’ve been selected by a giantess with a huge butt! You’re being faced with some new challenges and opportunities, as well as orifices, and perhaps you’re intimidated by the complete and total revision to your lifestyle. Here’s how to make the most of your new adventure, creating pleasure and discipline for yourself while giving your new owner everything she needs.

About RIST

Riverside Institute of Size Technology (RIST) focuses on helping new acquisitions become accustomed to their circumstances. Now, that sounds terribly formal and maybe even a little threatening. While it’s true you have been stripped of your identity and extracted from your role within society—difficult concepts to embrace!—think of us as the pillow beneath your fall. In the past, people were shrunken down without warning, taken by women for various purposes, and almost reliably killed. RIST emerged into being after a protracted period of negotiation, during which both sides addressed their concerns. Tiny people didn’t want to be kidnapped and killed immediately, and women didn’t want to lose their toys, sexual or otherwise.

While it was difficult for anyone to be overly concerned with anything the tiny people had to say, a miraculous compromise was proposed. If shrunken people could learn to behave and comply with their new living conditions, and if women could restrain themselves and not kill them immediately, they could each enjoy prolonged and mutually satisfactory experiences. Thus, RIST was born! We drew up the first rudimentary structures of etiquette and engagement for tiny people and offered incentives for women to not kill them immediately. This was especially appreciated by various police precincts who no longer had to confront women in thousands of cases of abduction and manslaughter. Very frequently these same officers found themselves shrunken and immediately killed, costing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars, so the city threw its full support behind RIST’s mission as well.

While we cannot guarantee your safety once you have transferred into the possession of your new owner, RIST considers it our personal mission to prepare you for your new lifestyle and give you every advantage toward prolonging your existence.

Tips for Preparing for Ass

Whether you’re stuffed into her back pocket or jammed forcefully into her rectum, living in a woman’s ass can represent a significant change to your life. This is true whether you enjoyed sex in your previous existence or not: the Reverse Cowgirl and Queening were only vague hints of what you can expect. Some women will start slowly and tease you, hoping to entice your interest through dance and light contact; other women will charge at you with the force and determination of a locomotive.

Here are some tips to help you handle the adjustment.

  • Think of yourself as an object. You were a person. You had family and friends, you had a job or you were attending college. All of that is gone now and has nothing to do with you. You belong to someone else, and that’s actually quite liberating if you think about it! But stop thinking.
  • Let go of the future. Your future has only one thing in it: ass. Give up any idea of hours, weekends, or years. Try to live in the moment and get out of the habit of making plans: everything has been decided for you. All you have to do is embrace it! Your only choice is to be ecstatic or miserable.
  • Learn what your owner likes to be called, and learn how you’re allowed to communicate with her. Some women will permit you basic questions to help you understand your new role, for a period of time. Some don’t, however, and you will have to infer everything from context. Hope you’re a quick study!
  • Take care of your health. You’re someone else’s property now, and failing to nurture yourself is akin to theft or vandalism. Stretch properly, rest as much as you’re allowed, eat all the food you’re given, and drink water at every opportunity. Your owner’s secretions are marginally nutritious and will carry you through the lean times.
  • Explore your resources. If you’re given some alone-time, learn some skills to assist you in your role. Build finger and arm strength through climbing; use the elastic in her panties to exercise your muscle groups. Got an hour to yourself? Practice holding your breath!

Knowing Your Service Style

Everyone has different gifts: some are athletically inclined, while others are good with numbers. As a tiny person, all that’s required of you is submission and physical solidity, but some women have other needs. In the unlikely case you will be called upon to share your other attributes, you should take some time now to think about how you learn and perform, what you have to offer.

Visual Learner

You may be visually stimulated by parts of your owner’s body; you may need some time to process complex commands, especially in the heat of the moment; you have a vivid imagination and appreciate a physical order to things.

If your owner is very patient, ask her to perform what she’s going to do to you or to demonstrate what you’re supposed to do to her. Keep a list of your owner’s favorite actions and erogenous zones, as well as the things that upset her.

Auditory Learner

You used to read aloud to yourself, and you were unafraid to ask questions; you were good with explaining things, perhaps you were a teacher; you liked music, perhaps you spoke another language; you find it difficult to be quiet for a long time.

Build mnemonics to help memorize what your owner likes and dislikes. When she orders you to do something, close your eyes and repeat it to yourself. Ask her to recommend porn videos for you to study.

Physical Learner

You were athletically inclined, outdoorsy, or a handyman; you’re restless and struggle to pay attention when spoken to; your handwriting was unreadable and your spelling was poor; you enjoyed hands-on labs and practice.

Your owner will likely put up with your short attention span if you emphasize how you prefer to be physically engaged. She will appreciate your eagerness as you throw yourself into pleasing her, but ask her to keep her orders short so you can recall them. You will be the best at role-playing, as well, and you may even enjoy it if she shares you with her friends.


None. Everything has been taken away from you. Your owner may provide food and water, but don’t rely on these. Any objects she gives you are to be considered tools on loan: do not expect to see them day to day, or ever again.

With that understanding, capitalize upon your environment to its fullest. Eat your food quickly, drink as much water as you can hold. If she gives you alcohol, there’s probably a very good reason for it, so drink it all. If she stores you in her underwear drawer, use those elastic bands to strengthen your limbs and stretch out your weary muscles for the next time she needs you. If she leaves you within easy access of office equipment and stationery, use the heaviest objects for weight training. Perhaps you were artistically inclined, in the former life that doesn’t exist and never did, so try your hand at writing something nice to your owner on a scrap of paper. Sketch out an illustration to demonstrate your affection and gratitude for her. Be sure to return all the materials to their proper place when you’re done! Terrible things happen to tiny people who make a mess.

Your Identification

Gone, all gone. The giantess who owns you now has pillaged your wallet for anything of use to her and destroyed the rest. You no longer have a name. You have no email because you will be forbidden from going online, so put that out of your mind.

Your owner will give you a name, though this name may only be the title of the role you will fulfill. And it may change from day to day, depending on your purpose or her sense of humor: Monday you’re “Toy,” Tuesday you’re “Butt-Boy,” Wednesday you’re “Disgusting Worm,” and so on. Stay alert and pay attention to her every action, to perceive when she is addressing you directly. Sometimes your only cue will be her footsteps thundering up the hall—ignore this at your peril!

How Is Shrunken Life Different?


Kidding, kidding. As easy as it to be sarcastic about this question, it would serve no one well if, in the course of seeing the obvious jokes to completion, we neglected to provide life-saving information for you, the new recruit/volunteer/inmate, etc. We’ll back up and walk you through what you can expect.

The shrinking process no doubt left you disoriented and nauseated. RIST secured you in therapeutic barracks for the first three days of your transition. Some of you woke up receptive to your new conditions, obediently listening to the orientation recordings and answering our questions as soon as you were strong enough to do so. Others of you were less than compliant and have already been shipped off to low-rated owners and homes, and best of luck to you. Obviously you’re not reading these materials, but we include this mention as a reminder to our more compliant subjects to feel good about their wise life choices.

Homes are rated on an eight-point cubic scale, between income/status and psychological stability of the caretaker and the social merit of the subject. The closer to 0,0,0 the rating, the less anyone is concerned with what happens to the tiny person. It sounds callous, perhaps, but we are processing large numbers of inductees every day. There are a lot of hungry butts waiting for tiny people, and there are a lot of tiny people dying to get at those butts, so RIST has chosen to focus its efforts and resources upon those who are willing to “play the game,” as it were.

Assuming optimal circumstances—5,7,5 and higher—and pending successful completion of RIST’s diagnostic personality array (DPA2017), you will be paired with a suitable caretaker. You have no say in to whom you will be issued; on the contrary, you will appear on our subscription-only website in an online catalog, where our clients shop around for the darling shrunken person of their dreams. The catalog is grouped into three tiers, based on a compatibility index, though there is nothing to stop a woman from selecting a subject from a group deemed less harmonious with her personality, should she so choose.

When you have been selected, you will be transferred from the therapeutic barracks to shipping. You’ll be parceled with a small bar of a nutrient-dense mix of what we call “Pacific,” a protein/carb/fat concentrate (PCFC) laced with a microdose of Xanax. It’s better this way, believe us! Pacific will last you up to five days of postal service transport, though odds are you’ll reach your destination in two.

There is also a nonedible GPS tracking device in the box, in response to clients who did not receive their tiny person due to it getting lost in the mail, mangled during processing, or kidnapped by unscrupulous neighbors or teens. You may rest assured that we now require in-person signatures for the delivery of you little people. Your new giantess will have received a separate parcel containing all your personal effects, as your smartphone and credit cards will still be good for another month. Do not expect any thanks for these.

The obvious factors: sounds will be louder to you now. Everyday objects will be gigantic, too large for you to use or access. You will require much less food to sustain yourself. You’re light enough to survive falls from great heights, so try not to panic if you slip off a table or a dresser. You are significantly more frail now, however, and the mere flick of a finger may snap your legs or disrupt all your internal organs. If you need anything, you’re unlikely to receive it unless you have landed with an amenable giantess and taken great efforts to cultivate a relationship with her. No one owes you anything: you are living on borrowed time, solely at the pleasure of your owner. This is the hardest thing for many of our subjects to remember, quite honestly, and watching them run afoul of it is like a repeating clip of a small child riding his bike into a tree, over and over. Many of our staff develop “compassion fatigue” because you little people refuse to remember this one simple concept.

What you have to remember, now, is that you are in this position because of the choices you made, whether you chose to surrender your life and submit yourself to RIST or you chose to commit those crimes and lacked the wherewithal to cover them up. Yes, arguably you did not choose to be born into the socioeconomic conditions that drove you to crime as the only viable means for survival, but that’s still being debated in the courts, and until we have a landmark verdict, RIST is in business.

  • Shrinking is a result of your actions, and now you must own that.
  • You have surrendered you entire worldly estate and ownings; do not let yourself be held back by memories, nostalgia, or regrets.
  • You have to learn observation and people skills very quickly.
  • You must acquire the discipline to suppress and even deny your own needs.
  • You may attempt to communicate with your owner, at your own risk.
  • This is a strange, new world with a lot of things to remember, but your survival hinges upon this.

Upon delivery, any tangential obligation with RIST and yourself is dissolved. You are wholly the possession of the client, likely a wonderful giantess with a tremendous ass, as much as if you were her pen or earring, to be used and disposed of like a paper tissue. This sounds harsh, but for the time being you have no advocates: suck it up, buttercup. Address your owner as she demands it, practice meditation, and learn to love the taste of salt.

Congratulations, farewell, and enjoy that ass!

2 thoughts on “Underass Handbook

  1. This is a fun read! I couldn’t help but imagine the actual pamphlet, the smell of fresh ink wafting from the printed words, the various stock pics scattered throughout the pages. I laughed at “if you think about it! But stop thinking.” and “Wednesday you’re “Disgusting Worm,” and so on.” Excellent handbook.

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