Bottom of the Funnel, 13: The Bottom, Anyway

One thing you’ll learn about offices everywhere is that they tend to repeat themselves. Many businesses congratulate themselves on being open to new ideas, safe places where people can express themselves freely, with open-door policies in case workers have things they need to discuss with the higher-ups. All this, of course, is bullshit: businesses vastly prefer doing things the way they always have, employees know that speaking candidly about actual things going on in the office comes with heavy repercussions, and what few admin can be found in the office are locked up in meetings or prefer not to talk to anyone who can’t advance their career and get them out of there.

And in the course of time, when it becomes undeniably obvious to even the admin that morale is shit and people are stressed out and overworked, they fall upon the same old tricks to stir the lagging spirits and perk people up and make them pay attention again. These tricks are low-budget and irrelevant creative projects like coloring books and jigsaw puzzles, the kind of stuff you used to entertain children with long before videogames and smartphones.

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