“Even an Ox,” by Taedis

I’d like to refer readers and followers to an excellent story they might have missed (unlikely as that is) by an established and accomplished author in the Macrophilia/Size Fantasy scene: “Even an Ox,” by Taedis.

“Even an Ox” was his submission for the tenth Size Riot competition, GentleApril19. The only constraint on the topics for this round was that one of the featured characters had to be middle-aged. Some people balked and sneered at this, others revealed they have little grasp on what it means to be in one’s 40th decade, but nonetheless the contest saw some of its best turnouts for signups and submissions. The stories in this collection covered a range of topics: mistakes repeating themselves through generations, begging for mercy from a force of vengeance, stream-of-consciousness memoir, and even coping with Alzheimer’s. The writers, as usual, outdid themselves.

A giant man stoops to have his beard trimmed by a tiny woman on a balcony, wielding a pair of hedge trimmers.
“Beard Trim” by Morganita

Among the readers, which included the writers, the popular favorite was Taedis’s emotional and intimate “Even an Ox.” This story resonated so well with readers, perhaps, because Taedis pulled from his own emotional conflict and experience to inform the tale. How bold is that? Size literature can be so much more than a sexual fetish, and in this story he demonstrates how broad and deep a story can go, even within such an unlikely premise. Tight, colorful dialogue carries us along through the riddle unfolding as we learn what new twist in the featured couple’s relationship has struck.

Please to enjoy “Even an Ox,” by Taedis. Artwork by Morganita.

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