Her Coercive Tone, 05: I Liked Big Butts…

The pressure lifted off Marco as the plump giantess rose from her seat. He appreciated being able to breathe easier, but her timing couldn’t have been worse! What were they talking about, what was going on social media? Fuck, he should’ve been at his desk! The one time the office needs him, and he goes and gets magically shrunken down and stuffed into the least interesting office drone’s panties! You just can’t make this stuff up.

Thick folds of seamy flesh churned up and down his body as Dorris hustled her chunky legs down the hall, going goddess-knew-where at top speed. Gritting past his frustration, he compelled his arms to slowly draw toward the peak of this woman’s slit. It was driving him crazy, how sluggish his muscles were. More than that, it felt as though much larger, stronger hands were holding him back, making him work for every gesture. Between that and being shrunken down to literally the size of this woman’s pussy, Marco was about to lose his mind with no longer being able to comprehend the world.

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