Gift Package, pt 3


Now that I’ve got this little boyfriend, this little person that I can keep and do whatever I want with… what do I want to do? My world is flooded with choices now and I’m feeling overwhelmed! What would be the best thing to do with him right now? How do I make the most of every moment I have with him? I wouldn’t want to, like, shower with him and make him wash my toes, and then a week later I’m all, “Darn it! I could’ve made him wash my boobs!” I want every moment to be magical and the best it could possibly be.

But after half an hour of dwelling on that, I’ve got no ideas and I’m afraid to try anything. What if it’s not the best possible thing I could do? But then I’ve killed half an hour of doing absolutely nothing: I’m sitting on the edge of my bed, fretting like that famous French statue, and he’s sitting in his little plastic ice cream container that I washed out and used to store him (I punched holes in the lid, I’m not irresponsible), staring at me like a lovesick puppy or something. Hold on, li’l guy, I’m trying to think of the best possible thing to do with you! I’m trying to maximize your happiness along with mine!

He doesn’t see it like that. He just whines and cries and begs me to take him out and place him on me somewhere and he’ll take care of the rest. That sounds like fun, but how do I know that is the best possible fun we could have?

What I really want to do is stupid. I tell him that to shut up his whining, but it just makes it worse! What is it, what is it? he demands, getting more and more worked up. I need to get away from him for a minute.

Now I’m pacing my apartment, naked and bored, without an idea in my head. I need to relax. I’ve got this bottle of peach tree schnapps: I feel a little guilty sneaking sips out of it, like, I know drinking’s bad for you, but I really need to shut my thoughts up and open up the door to creativity. I don’t know how else to do it right now! Hold on, I’ve got a can of Sprite, that goes real well with this.

Mmm, goddamn, that’s good.

And the second one’s just as good. This is a tasty goddamn drink! Why don’t I do this more often?

There, number three. Now I’m feeling goo-oo-ood. Laughing at my bare ass on the kitchen table chair, sticking to the painted wood. So glad I don’t have any roommates! If they came in here and found me naked and drinking, that’d be bad enough, but if they asked me why I’m doing it? Shit, I don’t know what I’d say. I guess I’d have to show them my little boyfriend, and then they’d try to take him away from me, and then I’d have to find a knife… yeah, it’s good I live alone.

Except for my boyfriend! I need to see him, I need to tell him my ideas.

I peel off the ice cream lid and dump him into my palm. God, he’s so light! I laugh at how light he is, but I’m also scared that I could dump him accidentally, you know, and then lose him on the floor or something. I wouldn’t want to step on him! So I tell him to hold onto my finger. Hold on, li’l guy! He does, hugging it like a little person. It’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen! My naked li’l guy, wrapping his legs around my finger, hugging me desperately. Wow, he’s really clinging to me! I can’t shake him off… not that I want to! Oh, no, I don’t want to fling him away or anything. I just want to admire him, clinging to me, is he… oh, my God, he’s making out with my finger!

I’m laughing so hard it’s hard to stay standing. I gotta sit down for this. What’re you doing, li’l guy? Kissing my finger? I don’t have a mouth there! You want something to kiss? Hold on, I got some panties around here somewhere.

Too bad I’m not naked anymore, but I need my underwear for this: come on, get in there. I don’t want to hurt you, but you need to stop clutching my finger and just, like, get in there… yeah, that’s it. Nice and snug! How’s it feel? I shaved yesterday, I hope it’s still smooth enough for you. Now that I can hold you down there, I’m just going to walk around the apartment for a while.

One more shot of Sprite and schnapps. That’s my reward for this good idea. Now I’m going to put the clean dishes away… Aah! I almost dropped them! What’re you doing down there? I can feel him squirming against my pussy, like a lot of little fingertips rubbing against my skin. It’s really nice, but it only makes me want more. But I don’t want to hurt him! I’m going to go for another walk.

I lace my fingers behind my head and walk out into the living room. I walk in circles around the floor, walking as slowly as I can. I’m also feeling the li’l guy squirming in my panties. Mmm, that’s so nice! Where does he get all this energy from? Keep it up, little man. I walk back through the kitchen and into the bedroom, and he just has too much energy. What else can I do with him?

I think about other articles of clothing, and naturally socks comes up. It’d be super easy to hold him in a sock, but it’d be trickier to walk around with him in there, I bet. I should find out. What kind of socks do I have for this? All those tennis socks are out, they’re too snug. I’d crush him, I know it. These little babydoll socks are cute, but they’re thin and too tight also, so, no. I’d ask him, but he’d just want something else entirely and I really want to do this!

I have a pair of loose wool socks. They’re warm in the winter, and I just kick around in them when it’s cold, like house shoes but more comfortable. They’re baggy enough that I bet he could fit in them without too much trouble. I don’t ask his opinion: I just dig into my panties and grab him and hold him up to my face for a big kiss. Wow, he really smells like me down there. Is he into that? He seems into that, but I haven’t showered yet today so maybe he’s insane or broken. Well, he probably won’t like this very well! I kiss the top of his head and drop him into a baggy sock, shaking him down into the toe, and then I carefully, carefully slip my foot inside.

The old, soft fabric slides comfortably around my bridge and ankle, and then I pull it up my calf but it slouches and gets all rumpled around my ankle. That’s fine, I can feel him in there, he’s not going anywhere. I just wrap my toes around him—they’re kinda long but I’ve never heard him complain—and lie back on the bed and hold my leg up.

I like my legs. My thighs are kinda thick but I got nice calves, and like I said I shaved yesterday. I lie back and stretch one leg straight up into the air above me, the one with him in my sock. I point my toes toward the ceiling, and I can feel him grabbing onto a couple toes so he doesn’t slip. I don’t think he’d go anywhere, though, he feels pretty secure in my sock. I level my foot out, so he could stand on it if he weren’t in my sock, but I can feel his grip relax. He’s wriggling around in there. I can’t quite tell what he’s doing.

It’s just a thrill to have him in my sock! A whole person in there, all to myself? Come on! I close my eyes and try to picture where his body is, what part of him is lying where, and what he’s doing to me. He could be hugging me, he could be trying to touch himself and get off. Is he into feet? I don’t remember. I don’t care: I wiggle my toes around, clenching around that hot little body, flexing and spreading my toes, trying to grab an arm or a leg, and I pinch him again. He fights me, but it doesn’t feel desperate: he just lies there and tries to grab more around him. Not really fighting, I guess.

He’s so ticklish, but not in the way that makes me want to kick him off. I slip one of my hands between my thighs and start rubbing through my panties. Electric shocks running up and down my leg, from where he squirms to where I touch myself. My toes curl around him out of reflex, gripping him, and I can feel him fighting against that, but I don’t think it’s a bad fight. I think he’s into it, and if he’s not, I don’t really care right now. I just like the little lump of body under my toes as I clench and clench around him, stretching my leg toward the ceiling, slipping my fingertips inside my underwear. It’s kinda hard to hold him up there, the more I touch myself. My leg gets weak and starts to twitch, but I want to see how long I can do it.


Her foot is soft and warm. It’s sweet and clean. Why haven’t we done this before? I just want to lie here forever, hugging her toes, kissing their tips. They’re so cute here, lined up in front of me while I stretch out on her sole, like they’re waiting for me. Well, they don’t have to wait: I’ll give them all the love they want. C’mere, you.

And in her sock, that’s a pretty brilliant move. No falling off now, just lying on her foot with this warm, cozy blanket all around me. I kinda hope she’s reading a book or watching a movie right now, because I could stay here all night, nuzzling my head between her 2nd and 3rd toes. Aw, man, hours like this! I have to hug her toes because who knows how long this’ll last.

Actually, I could sleep here. I could stretch out and my feet would just reach her heel, with my arms laced through her toes. The sock makes things nice and dim, and the heat coming off her sole is making me a little drowsy. Just lying here like this is so comforting. Sometimes she sways her foot, like she’s thinking of something else, and I have no choice but to ride along with her, dipping down with her toes until I nearly slide upon them, or swaying back and forth, rolling pleasantly over her sole. Mmmm, please let this last forever.

My stomach lurches when she slams her leg down on the bed. I don’t think she knows how fast that gesture makes me go. There was an instant I was weightless, clutching her toes for my very life, and then I slammed into her foot at several miles an hour. I mean, granted, I don’t weigh very much and I was bounced against one of the softest cushions on her body. Still, it was scary. I’m sure it’d’ve been worse if the sock weren’t there and I’d had to look at the room racing by.

Then she yanks the sock off, whipping it away. I saw her drinking before, so I think it’s settling into her now. Have to brace myself for abrupt, erratic behavior. I just hope she remembers to be gentle with me.

I’m right at the edge of the foot of her bed, staring down the cliff face at the carpeted floor. I prop myself up on her big toe and lean over, looking at the drop. Her toes twitch under me, huge and adorable, and I wonder if I could just kinda slip my dick between them for a minute…

Whoop, she’s got me in her grasp! Reaching behind herself to grab me, I‌ guess, and the room spins around and I hear her gentle little grunts as she gets repositioned. She’s holding me above her now, pinching my arms between her fingers, and I guess I’m just freely swinging over her face. I‌ smile back at her to show her I’m having a good time, hoping we’re on the same page.

She waggles her eyebrows and shimmies her shoulders in the pillows, and then her fingers release me. I‌ dart straight at her face, and she laughs and opens up her mouth extra wide, and her tongue gets closer and closer and it’s a miracle I slip right between her teeth.

Immediately it’s dark again, as she claps her palm over her mouth, and when she laughs it’s a booming HRRM‌-HRRM‌-HRRM all around me. She doesn’t open her mouth to laugh: my bare feet are wedged between the back of her tongue pressing into the roof of her mouth. At least that! Hundreds of soft little bumps writhe against my back; I‌ twist and grab at her tongue, bear-hugging it. It writhes powerfully in my arms, flexing and spreading, then contracting into a thick column of girly meat, then retracting out of my grasp. She knocks me around a while, shoving me against her premolars and punching me playfully with the tip of her tongue. I wonder if she can hear me laughing in her mouth.

She relaxes, and I carefully place my foot in the bed of her jaw, under her tongue, and try to shift my weight until I can grab her tongue again. She seems to be waiting for me, so in a moment I’m hugging her tongue once more. She doesn’t move a muscle as I caress the sides of the tip, unable to see what I’m doing but easily feeling my way around. I tell it what a lovely tongue it is, so strong and yet so cute, and I‌ mash my face in the tip for a loving kiss.

Dozens of tastebuds ripple over my cheeks, filling the hollows of my eye sockets, popping in and out of my ears. It almost feels like her tongue itself loves me, the way it runs down my neck and over my shoulders, feeling me, tasting all of my skin. Purring, I‌ wrap my arms around it and hug it tightly. It’s probably a dumb thought, but I wonder how hard I can grab it like this before it hurts. Probably I can’t hurt her at all! But I clutch her tongue hard, possessively. As passively as I wanted to lay upon her darling foot all night, I aggressively want this tongue for myself! The tip of her tongue thwaps against my face, boffing me back and forth gently, but she lets me hug her here as long as I want.

Not knowing where to place my feet (I don’t want to trigger her gag reflex), I hook my ankles behind her tongue. That spreads my thighs, and that means my cock kinda dangles over her tastebuds. I sigh deeply, inhaling nothing but the air her lungs have cast off, and slowly start to grind my hips into her. I‌ can’t help it, she gets me hard so easily, and now her thick, hot, moist tongue is squirming between my legs like this. What’m I‌ supposed to do? I pinch her tongue between my knees and thrust my hips at her, and my penis dances over her tastebuds.

Goddamn, that feels so good. They’re so moist and soft and hot and nubbly. It’s thrilling to feel them running under my cock. I‌ can rub my balls over them and it doesn’t hurt, not at all. I wish she would stiffen her tongue out, and then I‌ could ride it like a horse and hump it easier. That’d be convenient. Wait, what if she had a tongue piercing, but she took it out for me, and I could slip my cock into…

That’s gross. I couldn’t do that.

Is it gross, though? It’s kinda convenient, in a way, if you think about it. It’d be easier to fuck a girl’s tongue if they all had that.

But how would it feel to them? Would she be into it? Would it hurt? No, it couldn’t her, my tiny little dick swimming in that hole in her tongue. It’d be all healed, it’s not like I’m fucking a wound…

Okay, new topic. That got strange.

I‌ spread open my palms and plant them behind the tip of her tongue, where the veins and tendons are, or whatever, and I push it into my face. I‌ just gather it up and bring it into me and I can’t breathe, but her tongue surrounds my entire head. It’s so nice. I moan quietly into her tongue, feeling that warmth, that slab of muscle twitching against my skin so slightly. I‌ moan, and I grind my hips against her, and my cock gets harder and the underside rubs over her tastebuds, and I could reach down and stroke myself, but I kinda want to see where this goes, just fucking her tongue like this. Humping it. Humping her tongue, entirely inside her mouth.

I wonder what’s she’s doing on the outside?

Photo by Lana Abie on Unsplash

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