Post-SizeCon Gasp

Yes, I did go to SizeCon, and yes, I did have a great time. I just need to take some time to collect my thoughts and clear my head. That means no writing, no thinking about writing, nothing. I should probably stay offline for a week, in fact.

Not everything went smoothly: I’d crammed for a couple months to complete a new book to sell there, and most people who stopped by my booth heard about the absence of this book. My printer feels they sent it out on time, I feel they sent it out a day late, and that’s what caused the shipment to arrive at the hotel after I’d checked out and flown home. Now I’m struggling to remotely arrange for them to get shipped to my house from New Jersey. The Radisson staff and UPS are doing everything they can to facilitate this, unlike the printer, 48 Hour Books, whose dual duties are to remind me that none of this is their fault and “we’re here to help.”

Anyway. No point in being mad about things one can’t change, so I didn’t let it ruin my weekend. My friends checked in on me and kept me company, I promoted the Size Riot writing contests and Taedis’s extremely generous Small Print, a compilation of authors who are actively involved in the community.

I got some chances to interview a few people at SizeCon as well, people who produce the content we show up for. Hopefully my life essence will recharge soon and I can roll these out into near-future blog posts… or perhaps another exciting project. Maybe. Possibly.

Big ups to Taedis, who is as thoughtful and open-hearted as his stories, and to Miss Kaneda, who is always there with a hug and a kind word. Many thanks to my new friend RobClassact who shared a booth with me and therefore had to weather all my emotional states. Thanks as well to MaxGrowth Productions, who was ready and willing to move a damn mountain to help out with my publication situation. And a shout-out to Scidram for that fucking amazing Size-themed puzzle room: perfect example of why people need to do what they can to attend SizeCon (and volunteer, to make it happen).

More later.

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