Interview with Morgana at SizeCon 2020

The fourth SizeCon was the second time Morgana flew from Spain to the United States to join the Size community. A talented artist and performer, Morgana throws herself as fully into her Tiny Woman fantasy as she does into supporting the Size community, encouraging the best from other creators. She graciously let me pull her away for a quick conversation during the SizeCon weekend.

Tiny Aborigen and Morgana stand in front of his tiny desk on a gigantic table, a pen lying at their feet.
Photo of Aborigen and Mini Moe by Capt. Rand; background and collage by Aborigen.

Aborigen: Please introduce yourself.

Morgana: I am Morgana, known as Mini Moe now, and I’m a tiny girl!

How did you first know you were tiny?

I think it was around when I was three years old. That was the time the film Aladdin (1993) was released. I was really, really young. It was the genie in the movie: that was the first time I saw a character changing sizes, and it was like, “Oh my God, I want a friend like that!” And of course I wanted to be the small one.

You connected with the small form rather than the big one, and that was your awakening?

I will always be the small one, yes.

What is the appeal you find in being small?

It has to do with… Someone that small is delicate, frail, so they have to be protected. That’s what I like, the protection you get from someone bigger. But also the fear, the respect you have to have for someone bigger, someone who is so many times bigger than you.

Because you have to have that respect, do you necessarily have an instinct to please?

Kind of? But that pleasure, that pleasing has to be earned. (big smile) Yeah, in BDSM I’m what is called a “brat.”

If you’re so small, how do you have any power or control?

Because I tend to trust in the bigger person, so as long as… I respect them, but they wouldn’t hurt me, so they have to be careful even if I’m mean to them.

There’s an agreement.

Exactly. There has to be an agreement.

How many SizeCons have you been to?

This is my second one.

How do you like it? What does it mean to you?

It means there’s a place where everyone can be themselves. There’s no people judging, there’s no people giving you bad looks or anything. You can be around, wearing your props, your costumes, and that’s amazing. You’re free! And also, you get to put faces to people you’ve been following on the internet for so long.

That’s a huge relief, I enjoy that the most. I like having my group of writer friends, we like to go out for dinner, and then I go back on Twitter and say “hey, I just went out with a bunch of Size writers.”

Exactly! I mean, here, I’ve put faces to The Reducer, to Larry Philby. I’ve been following them for eleven years or so, and now I know them in person and it’s amazing.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about SizeCon, but they’re a little scared, concerned, or shy.

They have to come! They have to come, because they will make friends. They’ll put faces to the friends they already have, they’ll make new friends, and this is amazing. The opportunity to be yourself in a physical place with all the people you know and will know, that’s the best!

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