Her Coercive Tone, 14: Discipline Can Mean Rewards

Light crept in with the torrential shower when Dorris slipped her hand around her massive butt and groped for Marco. Within two swipes she bumped against his body and seized it, gently but firmly.

He allowed himself to be taken. He’d done a good job on her asshole, there was nothing she could complain about. She couldn’t have scrubbed it better: his little fingers worked into every fold and fissure until it fairly glowed with health. Even he was proud to see it throbbing with attention. It’s strange, he thought, what tasks you can find yourself taking pride in—he was arrogant that the gigantic middle-aged woman could not possibly find any complaint in his labor. He smirked as her fat thumb planted in his chest and pinned him to her palm when she extricated him.

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