Early Morning Exercise, part 9

She raised one eyebrow, which… on that otherwise expressionless face, I couldn’t read into. I mean, she smirked, but it just looked out of place, like someone being told to hold a smirk for a photograph. Same thing with the eyebrow. Was she curious about me, what I’d do next? Was she slightly irritated and thinking of how to punish me? Was she saluting me and inviting me to, I dunno, romp and explore at my leisure? There was no way for me to know. It was like one of those theater study experiments where you read the same line with different inflection on a different word each time and it completely changes the meaning. Maybe it didn’t mean anything at all and she thought she was executing a series of expressions that would transmit seduction. Who knew what was going on in that big skull, so far off in the distance?

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