Her Coercive Tone, 16: Scrub-a-Dub Part Deux

The wide screen TV glowed in the unlit living room, displaying beautiful landscapes from around the world, changing it up every several minutes. The TV didn’t have great speakers but they were good enough to play a selection of ambient and New Age music, quietly.

Dorris’s pudgy toes flexed and waved on the edge of the little table before the couch. Her silk pajama pants ran a little low and draped around her ankles, slightly bunched on the bridges of her feet. She thought it looked cute, and she wondered if anyone else would find it cute too. She rolled the stiffened little man between her fingertips. Maybe he’d think so, if she pointed him at her feet, but he couldn’t react. Not until she let him, of course. She could unfreeze him at any moment, but for the moment she just wanted to leave him immobile.

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