Her Coercive Tone, 18: Plunging into the Lion’s Den

That was the quandary, wasn’t it? Assuming a best-case scenario, Marco could have escaped his formerly boring, now abruptly insane coworker and fled her building. With a generous portion of luck he could crawl out of her butt, sprint between her thighs, and leap from between her feet to the floor, then scurry out the front door before she noticed. If the stars aligned he could catch an elevator when someone else was going, dodge the foot traffic in her building, and make it outside. Under optimal circumstances he would like to further hypothesize he hops aboard a bus, finds his way back to his apartment, calls for help, receives specialized medical treatment to restore his full height, and somehow produces evidence to get Dorris fired and arrested. Perhaps with a huge cash bonus, as long as he was daydreaming.

That would be the best-possible outcome, hands down. Everything gets put back to normal and the crazy bitch gets put away.

The only downside to this would be that he would lose access to her phenomenal ass.

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