Size Dates

I just thought I’d collect these here because it comes up once in a while. Enter these in Google Calendar or write them in every time you buy a planner. Hell, tattoo them on your arm if that helps.

Where did they come from? Who made them up? Well, all words are made up, so that’s useless to ask. As for their origins, who can say. I posted a poll on Int’l Tiny Day and no one opposed, so there we are. I know why Int’l Giantess Day was established, and it is sacrosanct and inviolable. Vore Day was a long-standing tradition because August is the eighth month, so 8/8 sounds like “ate-ate” (in English). People use Vore Day to create illustrations and stories appropriate to the holiday, and I’d like to see that for the other holidays but you can’t legislate morality.

Click the name of the holiday to add it to your Google Calendar.

We’re still looking for agreed-upon dates for International Giant Day and Hug a Giantess Day. If anyone has very strong feelings about these, please let me know. Also, someone suggested gender-neutral Hug a Biggo Day/Int’l Biggo Day, so those are up for grabs as well. (Of course the Bigs feel they need more days than the Tinies get. What can you do.)

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

10 thoughts on “Size Dates

    1. Would that it were so: Wikipedia claims Gulliver sighted that land on June 16, 1703. I never would’ve thought to look for that date otherwise. Maybe that should be the Int’l Biggos Day?


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