Today We Climb a Woman!

When Size enthusiasts get together, online or over drinks at the end of a long day at SizeCon, one of the common and most earnest getting-to-know-you questions is, “How did you get into this?” And after sitting in on a few rounds of this question, you can begin to guess someone’s age by whether they were first introduced to giants and giantesses by Attack of the 50′ Woman, The Borrowers, Dexter’s Laboratory, or so many other influences throughout the decades.

One of my earliest Size moments comes from a popular children’s show that started not long before I was born. The show was a prominent influence on my childhood, both for the educational format—my mom claims I taught myself to read at age two, thanks to watching it regularly—and for the broad exposure of other cultures, lifestyles, and media. The show was a pastiche of ongoing story arcs, unrelated skits and cartoons, documentary-like moments, and even the era’s hottest musicians.

One of these skits was a powerful influence on me. It struck me in my little chest like a thunderbolt, and I’d wait breathlessly for it to come back on a future installment, which it would occasionally. In this skit, a tiny mountain-climber (cartoon) announces he’s going to climb a boy (live-action) dressed in a basketball uniform and carefully dribbling a ball, unaware of the tiny man’s intrusion. It was basic education, naming the simple components of human anatomy: the foot, the knee, the forearm, the shoulder, etc. But the way this was delivered was a potent introduction to Unaware, a controversial, intoxicating aspect to Size interests, and it resonated with me. To be that small, to climb over human limbs like a bug, and to rest precariously upon a bent knee with the risk of bodily injury, whether from being swatted by an idle stroke or simply falling back down to the floor… my head spun with the allure, the drama of it all!

That was when I was in the single digits of age. Now it’s highly problematic to revisit this video segment for a few reasons you can easily imagine. I was never attracted to this boy: my reactionary thought was “this would be so much better if he climbed a girl.” And as I got older, the hypothetical girl aged with me, and eventually she was a gigantic woman I dreamed of scaling.

I’ve never lost the dream, I just never knew how to enact it. Could I commission some models to crudely imitate it with good cameras and forced perspective? Should I discipline myself in drawing and attempt to sketch out my fantasy, maybe learn animation? What about 3D models, was that a possibility? For most of my life, none of this was feasible, though I attempted to re-create the thrill of it in my writing. That was a free and accessible medium in which I’d already had a head-start, rather than facing a sharp learning curve.

Very recently, 3D modeling has become accessible to anyone. BradenGTS has encouraged anyone with time and inclination to get onboard and grab the wheel of Daz Studio, offering his experience and advice to support this. My good friend Starkadhr has been endlessly encouraging, sharing his 3D work with me and, now, helping me with resources and techniques to develop my own work. And anyone who’s heard anything about Giantess Tina knows what a blinding talent she is, a brilliant inspiration in all forms of creative endeavor, building and sharing resources to play even harder in Daz, and recently writing up a tutorial for a very tricky problem I’d been struggling with. With all this available to me, there’s no reason to not create a miracle, and my miracle is finally bringing my (modified, evolved) vision into this world.

When you read this, just remember that it’s only the re-enactment of one of my very earliest fantasies. It’s not meant to entice or convert anyone, it’s not the summit of erotic expression. It is only a short story that has provided a spinning core of intense passion for me, for decades. If the script sounds off-balance in places, it was written by well-meaning hippies, and I’ve closely stuck to it for the most part, with occasional departure. It won’t and can’t mean the same thing to anyone else—this is just the satisfaction of an intense, long-lived itch. Maybe that means it will lose some of its power now, being rendered imperfectly and being spoken aloud. I don’t know. I only know that I had to see it completed.

Please do enjoy “Today We Climb a Woman!

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