Screaming Video, 24: Where Power Lies

The gigantic Chinese girl ignored Lesley, hustling him out of her room and back into the cubbies with a quickness. He kept yelling at her, waving his one good arm, but she wouldn’t even look down at him and gave no indication she heard him. Inside of a minute he was back in his shelf and she was gone. Back to her room, off to the snack table, slipped out to stroll along the beautiful beaches of Barbados, he had no idea.

“There’s nothing in here,” he kept yelling, long after all activity had ceased. He only stopped yelling when his throat burned, and then he realized how thirsty he was. He turned to look for the bottlecap of water, but of course it was gone. That’s what he was screaming about. Either YourSweetLuv stuck him in the wrong box or she dumped out his few paltry possessions. This cardboard box was clean and new and devoid of anything besides a broken, dumpy man.

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