Early Morning Exercise, pt 12

All I can do is admire her. Trapped between these long, powerful thighs, legs that could… if not crush me, then mash me flat between them. Where I stand, I’m almost eye-to-eye with her asshole, pink and clean. The start of her pussy is eye-level with me. Under my feet is a broad plain of sweet linen and whatever she’s using for a mattress under that, and then the vast countryside of her apartment, and I can’t even think about what would be waiting for me outside.

My mind is racing now, doing everything it can to not thing about where I am right now. I recognize this, and I take a deep breath, but my lungs are full of this crazed giantess’s pussy flora immediately. That’s all there is to breathe, nothing but the heady musk of the long, flapping lips designed to fold in layers over this crucial feminine orifice. Lots of moisture in there, lots of bacteria, and now she’s stirring things up with masturbating herself while I watch.

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