Mary, Queen of Squats

“It’s not fair!” Mary threw her gym bag at a large, plush chair. “I work, and I work, and I work, and nothing!”

Jakob, watching TV on the couch, barely had time to pull up his legs as she came charging at him, squeezing between the couch and the center table rather than walking around. She smelled like sweat, mildew, and disinfectant. “You didn’t have a good time at the gym?” he called after her as she went to the kitchen.

Water angrily jetted from the faucet into her tumbler. “I just don’t understand it. I’ve been working my ass off for a year…” She looked up to see if her boyfriend was rolling his eyes. “And nothing! I’m doing everything right, aren’t I? Protein shakes half an hour after workout, and I don’t really stretch because that makes a lean muscle.”

“And the videos,” he said tiredly.

“And the videos, yeah! I’ve tried every damned workout under the sun to develop my glutes!” Her crosstrainers padded across the hardwood living room floor. She made a show of how laborious it was to step over her boyfriend’s oak-trunk legs and collapsed onto the couch. “There’s no trace at all. Nothing. Nothing! If anything, my butt’s actually gotten smaller.” She scowled at her hips. “How is that even possible? How does someone carbo-load for a workout, practically eat an entire deer for dinner, and thousands of jump-squats, walking lunges, single-leg deadlifts, glute-bridges—”

Jakob grinned toothily at her. “I like that one. Maybe you should do more of those.”

She sneered at him. “Clamshells, donkey-kicks, and who knows how many resistance bands I’ve gone through? What else do I have to do, huh?” Her little hand flew up and smacked his pec with a meaty thud. “And you, you barely work out at all!”

“Well, that’s not true…”

“You don’t work out half what I do, you just eat root vegetables and lawn trimmings, and you’re 6’5” and 280 pounds of lean Austrian beef.”

“Bavarian, please. There’s a difference.”

The center table before their L-couch was a repurposed barn door, tastefully finished to retain its original charm while being functional. Mary slammed her glass on it. “I don’t give a shit, Jakob! I want to know why you look like a fucking Greek god, but I work out a third of every day for over a year, and my butt’s as curvy as a 24”x36“ poster frame!”

“Maybe I’m born with it?”

She shot him a frosty glance and turned away. She smoothed out her long, raven pigtails in an effort to keep from crying.

“No, really, maybe that’s it,” he said, slowly rising to his impressive height. “That is, if it’s something like genetics, then there’s only so much you can do. You really are working out like a warrior, there’s no question of that.” He reached to grip her shoulder, and he didn’t let her jerk away. “You have enough knowledge in your pretty little head to host your own workout videos, you know? You could become, what is it, an influencer on Instagram. Have you ever thought of that?”

She looked up at him, and she really had to crane her neck to do so, because her boyfriend was a small giant, or else she was a sparrow. “And who’s going to take workout advice from someone who looks like a fistful of pencils?”

“Hey, that’s harsh.” He took a seat beside her; the couch caved and her lithe body rocked. He turned her toward him: she hadn’t been crying, but she was falling apart. “Come on, let me see that cute little tushie. I bet you’re making some developments.”

“I’m not in the mood.”

He grinned. Even his teeth were large and well-developed. “But I am. Seeing you come in all sexy in your workout clothes, hot and sweaty and fiery like that? Mmm, I wanted to pin you down right there and ride you like a bucking bronco.” She rolled her eyes and reached for her water; he turned her jaw toward him. “Really, you’ve got me all excited now. I’m sorry if it’s inappropriate, but maybe there’s something I can do to help you come around?”

“I really doubt it.” Her brow softened. “I’m sorry, I’m just not…”

“Then can you help me get off? That way, I’ll quit pestering you.” He laughed softly, and his eyes twinkled.

“Can’t you take care of this on your own? Put on a video or something.”

“Why should I turn to some boring, impersonal model when I’ve got this sexy little beast right here?” Wrapping his hand around her wrist, he guided her palm to rest on his crotch.

“Holy shit, you weren’t kidding.” Even through his jeans, the heat of that thick slab of meat was impressive. “You’re really huge right now.”

“And that’s from you, baby. That’s all you, that’s what you do to me.” He nodded and gripped her thigh. “Isn’t there anything we could do together?”

Sensing there was no way out of this but through it, Mary drew a long breath and asked him what he wanted to do. “I like those glute-bridges you were talking about. I love watching you do those.”

Her brow furrowed. “You just want to watch me do glute-bridges while you jack off?”

“No, actually, I was thinking of something a little more fun.” Jakob rose and guided her to stand as well. “Like, maybe you just need the proper motivation to work out. I know, you’ve done dozens of these today, but not like what I have in mind. Who knows? Maybe it’ll help to do another dozen, or maybe we can do something to put your spirit into it, give it a little mmph. You know what I mean?”

She didn’t, but she let her hulking boyfriend lead her around the table to a clear spot on the floor, in front of the TV. It was still playing a South Korean movie, so she asked him to shut it off while she crouched to get into position. “Ah-ah-ah, not like that. We’re going to try something a little differently this time.” He slowly sat on the floor and stretched himself out, then patted his shoulders. “Here, your feet go here, and turn your back to my feet. Yes, so you can look down on me now. How does that feel?”

Mary stared down at the weird, horny man. “I feel like you do when you stand next to me. So, what, you want me to get into position on you?” She sat down, gently, though the thought of her flat butt crushing his rock-ribbed chest of beef was something laughable. Indeed, when she sat on him, it was like sitting on a boulder by the lake, when they went hiking at a state park last year. His ribs didn’t give an inch. Slowly she scooted down his sternum until she felt his chin nudge against her crotch. “Oop, sorry!”

“No, don’t apologize,” he said. His hands clasped her pelvis. “It’s great! This is just what I wanted.”

“Oh no!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I bet I’m all stinky down there. I just came from the gym, Jakob! Hold on, I’ll go change.” She tried to roll off him but his hands held her fast.

“No, baby, it’s fine, I promise you. You don’t need to shower. I like you like this. You smell…” Mary heard his gusty, bestial inhalation. “Earthy, primal. Like a huntress on the prowl.”

She blushed hard at the thought of his big, handsome, clean face jammed up in her sweaty cooch, but she couldn’t fight him. Sighing, she positioned her shoes around his head, asking if she was stepping on his hair, and spread her arms out. Unlike laying on the floor, where her arms formed a straight beam across with her shoulders, now her arms contorted backward to drape down the sides of her powerful boyfriend. Her fingertips rested lightly upon the hardwood floor; Jakob moved his hands to wrap around her ribs and hold her steady. “This is perfect, this is perfect,” he kept murmuring, but Mary wished she could arrange this differently.

Settling her shoulder blades on her boyfriend’s chiseled abs, she noticed a lump against her head. She turned her head back and forth, wondering if one of her pigtails got caught behind her, but it wasn’t that. She hmmph’ed and nestled her head against it, hoping that it would shift and move for her own comfort. The moans of her boyfriend coupled with the burning sensation against her scalp finally clued her into what her head was resting on. “This is fucking embarrassing,” she said to herself, then drew a breath and raised her hips up.

This was exactly the kind of exercise she had been doing earlier at the gym, in fact. Her muscles felt tired and hot, but the movement was familiar and her body expected it, performing well. Staring up at their vaulted ceiling, Mary pushed out her breath, then inhaled as she let her hips sink. When she felt Jakob’s nose wedge between her buttocks, an uncomfortable shock ran up her spine. “Okay, you know what? I can’t do this, Jakob. Please let me go. I’ll run upstairs and get cleaned off, fifteen minutes tops, I promise. Let me throw these funky clothes away—”

Fingers of iron tightened around her ribs. “Aw, come on! We hardly got started at all. Why can’t you do this for me?”

“Jakob, seriously, let me go. This is humiliating! I’m sweaty and gross, and my crotch is the last place I want your face right now.” Her cheeks prickled with heat.

He didn’t say anything: his laughter was muffled by her Lycra shorts and scant butt. He seemed to be nuzzling in there.

“And what if I fart on you right now?”

“I dare you to!”

“Jakob, this isn’t funny. Let me up.”

“Help me get my cookie, and you can do whatever you want.” His tone went from playful to slightly whiny. “Come on, Mary. I need this. I need you! This is so good right now. Don’t yuck my yum.”

Mary bit her lip and squinted at the ceiling. Her whole body tensed. She hated his whining: it made her feel like she was tending to a petulant child, rather than talking to a full-grown man who could benchpress three of her and have another of her for a light lunch. When he was a big, strong man, there was no limit to her adoration for him, but when he became this needy, clingy, unreasonable little fuck… She sneered and her nails clawed the floor. And the fact that he was so fucking powerful and was using that to get his babyish way…

“All right! Is this what you want?” Like the pistons of a steam engine, she thrust her pelvis high, then brought her butt down hard on his face, then locked into this motion, executing it quickly. Up, down, up, down: her abs burned pleasantly, and then his nose was up her ass again. Her thighs, seasoned in a year of workouts, clenched deliciously, and she nearly lifted her feet off the ground to slam onto his face again. “You like this? Huh? Is this what you want?” Slam! Slam! “If this is what you’re into, well fuck, I’ll just give you all you need!” Slam! Slam! “Because I’m a weak and docile little hausfrau, and I live for nothing else than to wrench every last drop of cum out of your fat, flabby horse cock!” She pounded her hips once more onto his head, and abruptly she found herself rolling over the floor. When she picked herself up, she saw Jakob struggling to sit up, holding his face.

“Oh, shit, Jakob. What happened? Did I hurt you?”

He shook his head, not looking at her. “It’s fine. Just stings a little. Gonna get some ice.”

“Did I break your nose? Holy shit, Jakob, I’m so sorry! We gotta call the doctor, get it corrected before it starts to set!”

“It’s not broken, really. I just… I’m done. Thank you, you were very good.” The massive man struggled to his feet, leaning on the center table, and slowly plodded toward the kitchen.

Mary rolled to a sitting position and cupped her face in her hands. “I’m so sorry, Jakob. I didn’t mean to hurt you. You were just pissing me off with your whining, and I felt so humiliated that I couldn’t change and get cleaned up, and you held me there…” With a sick feeling in her stomach, she climbed up and went to sit on the couch. “And we didn’t even get you off. That was the point of the whole thing. Some seductress I am, huh?”

Jakob returned, grinning around a Baggie of ice in a dishtowel. “Oh yeah, I’d say so.” He nodded down, and Mary’s gaze drifted down his chest, his stomach, his hips, down to a dark stain in his jeans.

She boggled at him. “Did I do that? Did you just cum in your pants?”

“You are a highly skilled lover.” He chuckled and headed for the stairs. “Now it looks like I’m the one that needs to get cleaned up.” She watched him trudge up the stairs, then grabbed her gym bag and trotted up after him.

Later, she knocked on the bathroom door. “Mind a little company?” When he said he didn’t, she slipped inside. Steam flowed around her head and she tugged the decorative cloth curtain just enough to step gingerly into the shower. “Too hot, too hot!” She did a little dance and hid herself behind her meaty boyfriend.

“Sorry, it’s the way I like it. You’ll get used to it in a minute.” He wrapped his heavy arms around her. “I’m sorry I made you so uncomfortable, baby.”

“No, it’s fine—”

“No, it’s not. I felt you struggling against me and I didn’t let you go. Now that my head’s clear, I’m ashamed of my actions.” He released her and looked into her eyes. “That’s no way for me to behave, to use my power against you like that. How can you have any trust in me, if that’s how I conduct myself?”

Mary thought she would never get over her boyfriend’s markedly formal diction. He was fluent in English, but he’d been British-schooled so his word choice was slightly off. It was charming, though. “That’s very sweet of you to say, lover. I appreciate that. But you know, I tell myself I’m up for anything, I’m into anything. I guess I’m not the freak I make myself out to be.”

He smoothed out her hair and kissed her forehead. Even his lips were heavy and meaty on her brow. “You’re a sassy little freak and everyone knows it. One of the many, many things I love about you.” He embraced her once more. Hot water cascaded down his shoulders and flowed between her little breasts and his hilly abdomen. He swatted her bare butt, then pinched a cheek. “Oh, what’s this? Who’s got a little tushie?” His strong fingers wound around her buttock and squeezed it gently, pulling her into him. His cock pressed against her belly; her chin bounced against his sternum.

“Yes, I know it’s small…”

“No, baby, it’s nice!”

“Please don’t patronize me, Jakob.”

“I mean it.” The big man crouched slightly to grab both cheeks and squeeze them. “I think your hard work’s paying off! You should check yourself out when you get out of the shower.”

Mary studied his face for any trace of cruel humor, but the big goof was too open-hearted and he radiated nothing but delight. When he finished showering, she stayed in a bit longer to go over her limbs with a washcloth and scrape the workout off. She ran the cloth over her butt thoughtfully, then caressed herself bare-handedly. Was there a little extra padding there? Maybe her boyfriend’s enthusiasm got her primed to detect something that wasn’t there. But she groped herself, both hands, and thought yeah, maybe. Then again, she did just come back from the gym, so it could’ve been that, or anything, or her imagination.

This is the start of a new series for subscriber accounts. The first one is free: if you’d like to keep reading this, as well as Screaming Video (domination, humiliation, shrunken man), Early Morning Exercise (body adventure, shrunken man), and the Fairview series Bottom of the Funnel, please share your support and enjoy.

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