Cheating a Little, pt 2

“Ricky, you stupid shit, what did you do?”

He responded, but she couldn’t hear anything he said. Cursing, she explained how she was going to carefully scoop him up in her hands, while doing that very thing. She rolled him flat into one palm and tilted her head, examining him. It was perfectly Ricky, perfectly small: tiny fingers grasping at the wrinkles in her hand, tiny feet ineffectually kicking at the heel of her palm. She peered at those little legs, their perfect musculature working, just like a fraction of their normal size, or whatever the pharmacist said. “Holy shit, it really worked,”‌ she whispered. “Guess you get what you pay for.”

Ricky watched Miranda’s lovely face grow larger and even larger as she hoisted him effortlessly from the table. Her full, fat lips smacked and hung like luscious fruit; her cute round nostrils flared invitingly; the deep mahogany of her almond-shaped eye shone above him, and he could see his sprawling reflection in her lens. His heart pounded, doing double duty in response to a tremendous predator looming so close to him and a raging inferno of arousal. He reached out for her fuzzy cheek as she lifted him within the shroud of her hair to her ear. Goddamn it, even her ear was gorgeous at this size!

“What the fuck happened to me, Miranda?” he shouted into the delectable curls of her ear.

“Why would you go for the unwrapped candy, you idiot?” she whispered. “Didn’t you think they could be poisoned? Always go for the wrapped stuff.”

“Yeah, like you’re going to leave poisoned candy lying around your house. The fuck are you talking about?”

“Those were expensive! I was saving up for those a long time. Bruce’s gonna be pissed that one of them’s missing.”

“Wait, what do you mean? Is Bruce into this too? That’s not fair!”

“If you weren’t such a fucking idiot, we could’ve enacted your sick little fantasy. I was saving up for these things when we were together, but you couldn’t keep your dick in your pants, so now Bruce gets the benefit of what you lost.”

The enormity of this realization struck Ricky full in the chest, and he collapsed in her hand. “Are you serious? You were going to do this with me? You always told me how it disgusted you.”

He heard the long rush of air as his enormous ex-girlfriend sucked in her breath. “I was telling you that to throw you off track, shithead. It was weird at first but then I thought it sounded cute. There were all these news articles about people getting shrunk or getting huge. I thought I’d surprise you. I looked into these stories and they all seem to have to do with this Arabic corporation or something. I talked to some dealers, and it took forever, but one of them put me in touch with this guy, and then he wanted a fucking fortune for them.”

“Wait. For what?”

“Those candies, idiot. One to make you small and one to grow you back up. But, like, in the news, sometimes people just take the ones to make you big.”

Ricky felt as though he were going to collapse in hot, bitter tears. “You were going to do this for me?”

“Yeah, idiot, until you cheated on me.”

“But you were going to make out with me before this happened, with Mr. Big Brawny Handyman right in the backyard.”

The vast curve of her cheek went from tan to pink to red. “You don’t get to judge me, asshole! I’ll throw you in the fucking trash!”

Glancing at the huge fingers curling behind him, Ricky thought better of his tactic. “Okay, yeah, you’re right.”

“I saw some old geezer out there with his dogs! I bet they’d like to gobble you down!”

“All right, I’m sorry! I’m sorry for cheating on you!” He covered his eyes with one hand. “You have no idea how fucking sorry I am for cheating on you.”

“Yeah, well.” Miranda pulled back and rose over him, glancing at the kitchen. “We still gotta figure out what to do with you in the meantime.”

Ricky was saying something to her, but she couldn’t hear it. She only muttered hold on and, clasping Ricky to her belly, raced upstairs in her newly practiced form. “These damned narrow-ass stairs,” she growled, hopping up them on the balls of her feet. “Watch me trip one of these times and break my damn ass.” But that wouldn’t be today: she ran down the hall, threw herself into the bedroom.

The mattress creaked in a chorus when her big round butt collided with it. She cupped the tiny man in both palms and held him between her tits. “Okay, now, what were you saying?”

Finding the folds of her palms too lumpy to stand on, Ricky arranged himself on his back and looked up at her, then at the massive boobs in which he was lodged. “I‌ was saying, this still works out fine. I just need you to put me in the mail.”

Miranda blinked rapidly. “Hold on, what did you just say?”

“Yeah, I was talking online with this chick who’s also into this. I mean, she wants to be a giantess, but she wouldn’t say no to a tiny man, an actual, for-real tiny man.” Ricky grinned broadly.

Her brow furrowed. “Don’t you want to be with me? I‌ mean, I‌ gotta hide you from Bruce, but that shouldn’t be too hard.”

“You could put me in a package with those packaging peanuts and an energy bar or something, expedite me to her house. We gotta stop by my place and get her address, I don’t know it off the top of my head.”

“I mean, I finally got my own little man, and this was always your fantasy, right? Don’t you wanna do this with me anymore?” She shimmied her shoulders; her breasts quaked enticingly around him.

“And I gotta ask you not to tell anyone about this, either. Like, no reporters or news stations or anything.” Ricky pursed his lips and stared thoughtfully at one huge, shuddering boob. “Like in those movies, all those scientists will wanna take a shot at me, tearing me apart, figuring out how I work and shit.”

“You can’t tell me you don’t miss this.” She held her hand before one of her boobs and tugged her shirt up. A wide, brown nipple thrust into Ricky’s face urgently; she bumped it into his head, then again. The way her mere nipple could snap his head back made her giggle.

The massive boob filled his range of vision, from the graceful slope from her collarbone to the delicious fullness that scooped below his legs. When he tried to read her expression, the thick, wrinkled stump of flesh rammed into his skull and knocked him back. “Hey, hold on a sec,” he tried to say, when her breast bounced and heaved and slowly lowered upon his entire body. All he knew was Miranda’s sweet flesh and a considerably heavy weight smothering all of him at once. The heat carried in her blood transferred quickly through layers of fat and skin and united with his core temperature. He strained to move his arms and legs, but he couldn’t make much headway, only driving into the massive balloon of flesh before being pushed back down.

Miranda hefted her tit a couple times, thrilled with the sensation of a tiny man writhing in her hand, struggling under her boob. Was she hurting him? Was he loving it? There was no way to know, all she knew was her own experience. She stared at herself with the shade of a smile, dozens of thoughts racing through her mind. He wouldn’t really leave her, would he? Who was this bitch he was talking about? Why in the world did he think she’d help send him off in this condition, when she had him where she wanted him? The distant drilling noise coming through the window made her wince: keeping him secret from Bruce would be a hassle, though. And now she needed to find that dealer and get another pair of pills, since they were never sold separately. At least she hadn’t united her bank account with her boyfriend’s, so he didn’t need to know how much this would set them back.

She pulled Ricky away and rested him gently upon one broad thigh. “See, baby? You don’t need to go anywhere. I got my big man for my needs, and my own li’l man for fun.” She grinned at him toothily. “Everything’s looking good from my angle.”

“No, that’s too weird,” Ricky hollered up in his little voice. It sounded like he was speaking through an antique radio in another room, with the volume cranked. “If Bruce finds me, he’s going to kill me and you won’t do anything to stop him.”

“Aw, I’ll protect my li’l man. How can you say that?”

“It’s better if you just sent me out to my friend. All right? You can still shrink and grow Bruce as much as you want, and I’ll be out of your hair. Just make sure to send me along with one of those growth pills, just in case.”

Miranda pulled back her hair and thrust out her chest, momentarily blocking her view of the tiny ex-boyfriend. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ricky struggled to sit upright, leaning back on his arms. His tiny palms made little dimples in the landscape of her thigh, coated in cartoon hearts. “The growth pill. You said those pills come with one for shrinking and one for growing back up. Send the growth pill along with me for security.”

“Don’t have any. There were just four shrinking pills in the candy bowl. Now there are three, thanks to your dumb ass.”

“That doesn’t make any sense! Who’s going to shrink four times? I mean, after the first one, they’re too big to eat anymore. You said they come in sets.”

“No, I fucking didn’t.” Before he could roll away, she pinched him around the torso and held him up as she laid back and scooted into the pillows. “And I’m not sending you anywhere. You’re mine now and you’ll be mine for as long as I want you.” She tilted her head and smirked. “Which might not be long, with that shitty attitude. You need to shape up, little man.”

Ricky’s legs hung freely in space so he hugged her thumb and glared at her. Before he could offer a rebuttal, however, heavy boots thundered up from the stairwell. Miranda’s lovely eyes went huge and her mouth formed an enticing and swollen O. Swearing, she tugged the waistband of her pants and stuffed the tiny man inside, resting him upon the thicket of her pubes. “Don’t you fucking move a muscle,” she growled, patting him firmly through her pants. She rolled to her side and curled up slightly.

There were some long, tense moments when Bruce’s footsteps reached the top, paced the hall, floorboards creaking heartily, then silenced. Ricky wrapped the coarse, kinky hairs up in his fists and held his breath, waiting. Nothing seemed to be happening, so he took stock of his environment: Miranda’s caramel skin glowed with a dim rosy light, through her pajama bottoms. Her belly heaved to the side where she lay, cut off from view around her waistband. Behind him, massive thighs piled upon each other, leading into the deep crevasse of her pussy. He licked his lips, slowly extending one leg down into her inner thighs, tracing the curve of her mound to where her lips likely began. Wishing he could kick off his shoe, he nonetheless searched around with his toes until he thought they bumped against the softer folds of skin. He was right next to her pussy! What could that be like, in his condition? He worked blindly at shoving some of the folds apart.

“Goddamn it!” Miranda clamped her hand upon him and didn’t care if she hurt him. “I‌ told you to hold still!” What the fuck did he think he was doing down there? First he wants her to mail him off to some bitch she didn’t even know, and now he wants to fuck around with her pussy, with her boyfriend right there? Maybe she should send him off.

Outside, a toilet flushed and the heavy footsteps resumed. The doorknob slowly twisted and light flowed into the room as Bruce’s large, handsome head came into view. “Am I interrupting anything?” he said, smiling.

Miranda smiled back, sleepily, rubbing her eyes. “Sorry, babe, I just stretched out for a second and guess I‌ fell asleep.”

Bruce entered and leaned against a wall, gripping his crotch through his cargo shorts. “Aw, my sweet baby needs to take a little nap? I guess I’ll have to wait.”

All that muscle standing there, sweaty and hard, and that big fist clamping down on his cock evoked something deep inside Miranda. Images of him crawling over her on the bed and pinning her down, yanking their clothes aside and slowly plowing inside her got her stirred and hungry. But she had to resist for the time being: “I’m so sorry, babe. I’m all cozy and comfortable right now. Can you gimme a little while?”

He released himself and folded his hands behind his head. His dewy chest in his tank top caught the dim lighting in the best way. “Whatever you want, sweet cheeks. I’ll be ready whenever you want me.”‌ He bit his lip and gave her a smoky leer. “Believe me.”

When his boot steps disappeared downstairs, Miranda let out a huge breath and yanked the tiny little bastard from her crotch. “You stupid idiot, you almost got yourself killed, you know that? And if he knew I had you here, he wouldn’t be too happy with me, either.”

“Holy fuck, he gets you wet.” Ricky looked amazed, and Miranda realized he was half-doused in goopy juices. “Did I‌ ever do that for you? Turn you on like that?”

Before she could stop herself, she said, “This morning, you dumb fuck.”

“I mean, while we were dating.” He executed a miniature double-take. “What, really? You wanted me like that?”

The shadow of regret passed over Miranda: she wished she could find one man to give her everything she needed, because it was exhausting being attracted to so many hot fucking men, at the same time. Bruce was a steaming cake of beef, but he had no imagination and a short temper. He tended to finish himself first, during sex, and he disliked going down on her, though he’d do it after she nagged him enough. But never very well.

Ricky, on the other hand… She held him above her breasts and regarded him. He was talking but she wasn’t listening. This little fucker, he was unfaithful, convinced he was always the smartest person in the room, but he was a miracle with his tongue. He usually made her cum a couple times before he got his cookie. She didn’t think it was fair, and told him so, but he insisted he loved feeling her hit orgasm and that was enough for him. He was always up for any dirty, perverted thing she wanted to do, and he had his own ideas as well. Some too weird to go all the way through with, but some special moves and tricks that haunted her all through her relationship with Bruce. There were times she cursed Ricky’s name solely because booting him on his ass meant missing out on all those wonderful things.

But now she had him. She owned him. Ricky belonged to her in every literal sense.

“What are you smiling about?”

Her head snapped back into the present moment. “Just thinking about things.”

“You look like you’re gonna eat me. You’re scaring me a little, babe.”

He was scared. Ricky was scared of her, finally. A scared little man was an obedient little man. She felt her pussy seize, and the juices tickled the lower curve of her ass. She hastily shucked off her pajama bottoms before they got wet, kicking them toward the door. Jamming a couple pillows behind her head and shoulders, she draped Ricky upon her labia. She palmed one of her boobs and raked her nails through the kinky hairs before her crotch.

“Get down there, little man.” Her voice was husky and hungry. Ricky couldn’t see her face, as he slowly slid over slick folds of hot, pink flesh. “I’m going to touch myself, and you do whatever you want to down there. Just make me happy.”

Ricky’s body finally slipped free of her pussy and he collapsed to the blankets between her plump thighs. Without wasting a second he peeled off his running clothes, tossing them in the direction of her knees. “Holy shit,” he breathed, trying to memorize everything. Everything was beautiful, this was everything he wanted: Miranda’s gorgeous thighs swelling around him, her legs stretching off into the distance, and… He turned to face her sexuality.

Her thighs met and tucked against a wall of tan flesh. Far overhead was the grove of her unshaven hairs—he flashed back to sweet memories of being at work and fishing out a scraggly hair from inside his cheek, the remnant of a morning quickie. Stubble ran down thick cakes of labia, from which erupted eager, demanding folds of hot pink tissues, crowned with a sweet little bean. Oh, he loved how her clit danced beneath his tongue, how it receded and protruded while he worked on her, how her juices nearly sprayed over his cheeks when she finally came.

But now it wouldn’t just be his cheeks. Nude, he stepped up to the curving wall of Miranda’s magical cunt and slipped his hands between the rumpled folds. There was absolutely no friction as her hot flesh swallowed him up to his elbows. “Oh, my God,”‌ he gasped. He withdrew one hand and licked off his fingers. Miranda was delicious. Many girls tasted like so many things, salty, sweet, cheesy (!!!), but Miranda tasted like candy. His heart lurched in his chest, missing this. He sucked off his fingers and leaped up to grab some of the straggling hairs around her pussy.

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