Cheating a Little, pt 5

Gravity swung around him again. Ricky lay upon one wide buttock while the other piled atop him. She had rolled to her side, apparently sleepy after two orgasms. Was that right? He seemed to remember that she could take more than that. But then, he wasn’t there to cuddle her and get her worked up again, like he used to. He was pasted in her ass, too weak and small to dislodge himself. At least he had more access to air, now. He closed his eyes and sucked in a long breath, catching bed sheets through the miasma of feminine excreta. It was quite comfortable here, buried under Miranda’s ass like this. A little more extreme than he’d imagined, what with the ever-present threat of a fart and close-ups to her pores and every last flaw in her skin, but it was still pleasant. He snuggled down in her ass and got comfortable.

Rolling to her side, Miranda caught her breath and smiled to herself. The idea of owning a tiny person and keeping him wedged inside her was better than she could’ve imagined. How did Ricky tap into this years before she’d even heard of it? Was it something he was born wanting? She was half inclined to reach back and dig her tiny ex out of her ass. He could rest on the pillow by her face, smelling like her cooch, cute and sweet, and just talk with her until she fell asleep. That sounded nice, but she loved the feel of him in her butt, too. He was warm and solid and she knew who he was, not like trapping a beer bottle or some shit between her cheeks. He was a real person, handsome, a great lover, just kind of a shithead sometimes. But right now she had him clenched and owned, and it thrilled her to think so. Owning a whole person, a tiny person, completely legally. Was this legal? She didn’t know about any laws governing the shrinkage of citizens, so if it wasn’t forbidden, like Ricky used to say, it was expressly permitted. She stretched her arms and yawned.

Neither Ricky nor Miranda knew when they fell asleep, but they woke up at the same time, when Bruce gently lifted her knee to the side and arranged her on her back.

“Oh, shit!” Miranda blurted, gawking at him.

Bruce, naked and wet, knelt upright around her little feet. “Something wrong?”

Miranda stammered “No, no, baby, everything’s fine. Bad dream. You showered? I didn’t even hear you come up.”

“Got my boots all muddy, took them off downstairs.” He smiled and leaned over her, propping himself up on strong arms. “Poked my head in the door, saw you were asleep, so I quick took a shower without wanting to wake you up.” He licked his lips. A single bead of water ran down a curling lock and dropped upon her cheek. “Decided to give you a break. Nearly woke you up with butt sex.”

Her eyes went huge. The little mass was still lodged in her ass. “Yeah, that wouldn’t’ve been cool,” she said. Her laughter was unconvincing, but Bruce didn’t seem to care. “Hey, why don’t you give me a chance to get cleaned up too? Then we can have a little fun.”

“Cleaned up?” He looked down at her, dressed only in a T-shirt. “Were you having a little fun up here without me?”

She bit her lip. “M-m-m-maybe.”

Laughing, he lowered himself further, resting on his elbows and knees, lightly pressing her into the mattress. “I don’t care about that. I like my baby a little funky.” He rocked side to side, savoring her body with his chest, gathering her wrists and sliding them behind her head, effectively pinning her into place. His skin was cool with the evaporating water. It felt like a marble statue upon her, though he was warming up against her body.

She struggled in his grip. He had her locked fast. When she stirred her legs toward the edge of the bed, he heaved a powerful thigh outside of her knee and drew her back into place. His flaccid penis draped over her pussy hairs, rolling between her own thighs. “Naw, baby, let me get cleaned up. I’m embarrassed.”

Bruce laughed at that. “How long have we been together? We’ve done all sorts of nasty stuff together. We shared a toothbrush. You sat on my lap when I was taking a dump! Why are you getting all shy now?” He buried his face in her neck, hitting her ticklish spot immediately. She laughed and yelled and squirmed, but he only burrowed deeper.

Her prime concern was ejecting the little lump in her ass. She squirmed on the bed, trying to reciprocate her boyfriend’s affections while getting away from the awful, persistent source of the tickling. Did he really not know how much she hated this? Or maybe he did and didn’t care. Something told her that should be a red flag, but Miranda had other pans on the fire, or however that expression went.

She tried to shift her hips to the side as though she were going to fart, but the big, beefy guy atop her didn’t give her a lot of room in which to maneuver. At any rate, the sticky lump in her butt didn’t seem like he was squirming around. Was he passed out? Christ, that’s all she needed right now.

“Hey, baby, why are you so squirmy tonight?” Bruce lifted his head and looked at her. “You trying to get away? You were all into this before, when I was working out back. What happened?” Realization slowly spread across his face like a sunrise. “Oh, you diddled yourself and now you’re not in the mood?”

“Naw, baby, that ain’t it at all!” Speaking faster than thought, Miranda realized she missed a handy escape: if she was sexually exhausted, he had to let her go. He’d pout and mope a while but she could make it up to him later. Instead, she delved right back into the lie. “You just get me so wound up, is all. You know I‌ just woke up. I‌ guess I’m feeling a little sensitive right now. Can you give me a few minutes to get ready for you?”

Bruce snorted. “You don’t feel sensitive to me. You feel fucking horny to me.” Waggling his eyebrows, he slipped one knee and then the other between hers, and she realized that his cock had sprung into life in the interim. The thick head of his penis bumped blindly around the general area of her vulva.

“Baby, I’m not wet yet,” she said. “Why don’t you get up and get me some lube?”

“I don’t know where we packed it,”‌ he said, lowering his face between her breasts. “Besides, I‌ know how you are. You’ll get in the mood in a couple seconds.” He arched his meaty back and continued to thrust his hips into hers. Miranda was forced to wonder how his cock didn’t snap in half, with all the false starts and near misses.

Sighing, she spit into her fingertips and reached between their bodies to massage her labia. A little more spit and she coaxed his cock into her entrance, pushing her lips apart and introducing his thickness into herself. She gasped, slightly shocked with the difference between taking a mere whisper of a little man into her cooch and getting stuffed with a thick goddamn cock, a difference highlighted in a vagina made sensitive by two recent orgasms. Bruce chuckled in her ear. “‌I knew you’d like it,”‌ he said. “Now just lie back and let your man drive, okay?”

Screwing up her lips, Miranda restrained herself from the back-talk she wanted to hurl at this arrogant prick. Instead, she turned her head away from his kisses, giving him plenty of real estate on her neck to make out with, and draped her hands over his shoulders and biceps. Good Lord, this man was a solid piece of meat. There was just no comparing this minor god to a tiny little thing she could barely feel at all. The idea of Ricky inside her pussy contrasted with the throbbing, pulsating muscle Bruce was jamming inside her? Goddamn it, he felt good now, as her canal seeped lubrication all over his member, carrying him along without conflict or hesitation. Her eyes rolled back in her skull, feeling the way he stretched her out slightly, how good it felt to have that solidity stuffed up inside her, and that tantalizing sense of loss when he pulled out momentarily, replaced by the immediate reward of his return.

“Oh, papi,” she mewled, and she meant it. She raked her nails across his back, shifting her hips to match the tempo of his thrusts. “Give it to me, daddy.” He grunted, satisfied, and pulled back to watch her as his thrusts hit a steady rhythm. She wasn’t looking at him; he released her wrists to grab her jaw and turn her toward him. She tried to look affronted, but his cock was so fucking good right now. Her flaring eyes melted into helpless pleasure. He laughed and jammed his tongue between her teeth, fishing around for her tongue like he was on a goddamned scavenger hunt. She drew a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling: sometimes he hit her just the right way, and sometimes he was a clumsy, greedy, stupid child. It drove her crazy, and not in the good way.

Still, might as well make the best of it. She sucked her fat bottom lip and lifted her legs, locking her ankles around his lower back.

Holy crap, fresh air! Ricky couldn’t believe it when the immense buttocks finally spread and dropped him to the bedspread. He lay there for a moment, collecting himself, savoring how good it felt to expand his rib cage all the way, gulping down sweet air. When he looked up, there were Miranda’s colossal butt cheeks, swelling and rocking just overhead. Despite being locked in them for a seeming eternity, they still looked fantastic, how her cute little asshole peeked from between them, how they led up to the wall of her pussy, and those balls…

Ricky spluttered and scrabbled back into the shelter of the lowest tuck of the giantess’s ass. Balls? The fuck? Sure enough, vast testicles swung through the air like wrecking balls, smacking against the entrance to Miranda’s cunt. Above them, a thick log of a cock pulsed in and out of her labia, glistening with her juices in the dim bedroom light. Goddamn it! Who was this, raining on Ricky’s parade?

Unless Miranda aspired to slut herself out to the entire neighborhood, this could only be Bruce. Fuck, fuck, fuck! When did he show up? How long was I out? He really didn’t want to ogle another dude’s junk, but at this perspective and these proportions, it was an undeniably awesome spectacle: Bruce’s urethra was thick and swollen, bulging along the impressively long underside of his cock. The normally animalistic rutting took on an epic overtone as immense hips juddered and thrust with raw destructive potence. Ricky felt a moment of sympathy for Miranda’s poor pussy, so cute and tender, as he witnessed the girth of manly meat pounding into it without relent.

“Not so hard,” came her voice echoing across the landscape of the bed. “You’re hitting my cervix, it hurts!” The primal god that was Bruce muttered a breathy half-apology and continued on exactly as he had been doing.

Holy fuck, look at him. Bruce’s hips were supported by imperiously thick trunks of thighs, beneath which continental plates of muscle shifted and collided. Ricky lost his breath to witness the exertion, to stand between a titan’s legs while he plowed into his goddess of love. And Miranda thought she wanted someone like Ricky? A puny little nothing-guy, compared to the tidal force of Bruce’s genitalia? Ricky turned away, hunched, chastened, and stared at the sheets, unworthy of looking up into Miranda’s pussy or even peeking at her ass. They were too good for him, she was too good for him. How could he possibly…

Looking down, his body shuddered with alarm. There was his shirt, partially tucked between the immense ass cheeks rocking on the mattress. His shorts lay between Bruce’s knees. And where were his socks and shoes? Ricky’s gaze darted back and forth in a panic. If Bruce spotted these garments, he’d know what had been going on! Probably. Had Miranda told him about the shrinking candies? Of course she did. Did she? He screwed up his face and scratched his head, turning slowly in place.

Regardless, even if the gigantic boyfriend never found his clothing, it would be bad enough for him to find Ricky in this condition. Either he’d crush him like the bug he thought Ricky was, or he’d recognize her ex and… He didn’t want to think of what could happen next. He crept up between Miranda’s immense ass cheeks and wrapped the corner of his shirt in his fist. It took some timing to yank it out in the moment her ass receded, because when she rolled back toward him, it was completely immobile. It hurt his heart to smell her juices all around him now, running down her crotch, pasted all around Bruce’s huge penis, but he was on a mission and couldn’t contemplate anything else.

His shorts, between the giant’s knees. Ricky set his jaw and slowly crept toward them, keeping careful watch on the boulder-sized knees, because they rocked predictably in place but once in a while they repositioned themselves, recentered, drawing closer to where Ricky needed to go. “Just hold still for ten fucking seconds, you gigantic oaf,” he muttered. He could probably have shouted this and it would’ve been drowned in the bestial gruntings Bruce unleashed far overhead. The uneven, bouncing territory of the mattress gave Ricky some pause, but he learned it was easier to crawl over on all fours than find stable places to set his feet. Soon he had his shirt and shorts in hand and looked around for the rest of it.

But Bruce’s calves were knotting massively on either side of him. Ricky really, really was not into guys, but Bruce was so well built, and he was so fucking gigantic, it was too impressive not to stare at. Unfortunately this also meant discovering that his ex-girlfriend had her lovely legs wrapped around his waist, facilitating taking his cock in deeper and deeper, as opposed to the beautiful valley she’d formed around him not long ago. Again, he couldn’t blame her: Bruce was a perfect specimen. Where Ricky was lean and efficient, spry, fast, Bruce was a side of beef. Bruce was who you wanted to lift a car out of the way. He was who you called when you needed someone to punch a hole through a wall. And now he was jack-hammering into Miranda’s crotch, which was not only his right as her boyfriend but… look at him. Who wouldn’t want that?

“Baby,” Bruce grunted. His voice struck Ricky with the force of a cement mixer. “Roll over.”

Miranda’s voice was distant and dreamy. “What? What do you want?”

“Wanna take you from behind. C’mon.”

She whimpered, unhappy, but she complied. “I don’t want you to fall out, though. How do we do this…” Her long, long legs unfolded and slowly descended to the mattress around his bulging thighs, and his hips lowered in response, never losing their rhythm.

Bruce’s sagging nutsack lowered from above upon Ricky, or it would have, had he not thrown himself reflexively forward, toward the sanctuary of Miranda’s ass. “Holy shit!” he shrieked, barely staying upright as he frantically sprinted between her caramel thighs once more. But there was no refuge in her pussy this time, and her ass was pretty well squashed on the bed with both their weights pressing into it. Ricky stood there, naked, holding the miniature scraps of his outfit in his fists, waiting for the titanic couple to take an action.

Irritated with Bruce’s interruption, Miranda pouted even while she raised her left leg and tucked it under his right arm. Bruce reared his head back to avoid getting clocked by her heel, but he gripped her hips and assiduously maintained contact with her cunt at all times. She swung her leg across his body, and she bounced her hips back until he was fucking her sideways, and then it was the simple matter of her stretching out on her front and lifting her hips, letting him resume his position deep inside her. So childish, such a hassle! “It’s like you can’t cum if you’re looking at me in the face,” she said over her shoulder.

“No, baby, that’s not it at all!” Bruce gripped her hips and pulled her ass into his, his spine going limp with how good the new position felt. “Oh, my fucking God.” He allowed himself to collapse upon her, knocking the wind out of her lungs momentarily.

Ricky had dodged under her right leg, the one that hadn’t gone up, in an attempt to shield himself from Bruce’s view. He threw himself to the bedspread and let the vast thigh slide over him, and then once again he found himself in the valley of her legs, but with her belly and pussy pressed into the bed before him. The giantess raised her hips slightly, the better to allow the enormous sex-machine to pump into her, and he took the opportunity to scramble up beneath her hips. It so happened that this was when the boyfriend collapsed upon his girlfriend, squashing her. Ricky hadn’t time to call out when the thick, sticky nest of her pubic hair came crashing upon him, miring him in a mat of scraggly black wires.

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