Gift Package, pt 4

Her Perspective

How did I ever live before this? Was I truly alive? I’m lying down on my fresh, clean bed, halfway drunk on girl-drinks, fingering my wet, wet pussy through my panties while sucking on an entire, whole person.

Have you ever done that? Can you imagine what that must be like? It’s kinda like sucking on a dick, because it’s so personal, but physically, it’s more like sucking on a finger. Not quite two fingers, just one but with extra squirmy bits. I mean, I know exactly what he looks like: the color of his hair, where the creases form when he smiles, how his abs clench when I lick him, the ratio of scrawny limbs to thick, thumb-like trunk. I guess it’s like sucking on a thumb. Not my own, obviously, sucking on someone else’s thumb but with no fingernail. Just a furry little knob on one end and a sticky-outty bit in the middle.

I think he thinks he’s fucking my tongue. That’s all right, he can go ahead and try.

Even that, I have a hard time describing what it feels like. I shouldn’t bother. It’s easier to coast on my buzz and be amazed at how incredibly wet I’m getting. I’m told it won’t always be like this, so I should enjoy it while I can still produce this much wetness. Is it impressive? I don’t know. I can’t squirt like those women in the videos, but I still think it’s a lot. It’s soaking my panties, making them sticky over my butt, and there’ll be a stain in the bed when I’m done. Something to be proud of, I guess. Should I take a picture of it? You know, like when old women marvel at pictures of their younger selves, how smooth and slim and hot they were decades before. Would I feel as much pride at 80, looking at a pool of my juices in the middle of a king-size mattress? I don’t know. I’m just loving how it feels right now.

Hey, don’t slip there, guy. You have to watch yourself because I’m busy with something else.

That’s funny. I’m rubbing one out, and this little man could slip down my throat right when I’m cumming… Would that be so bad? What would that be like? I’ve deep-throated a banana once. Never had a cock big enough to do that, though their owners swore they were huge. I’m like, dude, just reconcile with who and what you are. But anyway, my point… what was my point?

I remember my point when one tiny, slim foot plants itself in the back of my throat. I’ve deep-throated a banana, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a gag reflex, you little fucker. I cough him up, catch him and pin him behind my teeth with my tongue. End to your fuckery, little guy. Hope you got your rocks off. Lemme check… no, I don’t taste anything special. So you didn’t get your cookie, and you’ve just about ruined when I was working on, trying to choke me like that. Likely you slipped, not paying attention; doubt it could be anything I’ve done. I’m just flicking my li’l bean, trying to get off. You need to be more careful around a big girl like me, that’s what I think. Whatever you were trying to do in my mouth? You should’ve thought about getting crunched between my teeth, swallowed right down my throat, even drowned in my saliva. Hell, what was the oxygen like in there? I bet it was hard to breathe. You really need to be more careful, because if you turn into a tiny little dead lover, I’ll never forgive you.

Glancing at the curvy brown bottle of schnapps, all the way over there. Dammit. I could use another shot right now, just to push me over. Have to take the little dude out first, or he can just take his chances while I knock a couple back. I think it’d be easier if he was just more careful… holy fuck, I’m wet. Hot and wet, those are the only words for it! Excellent lubrication, so slick it’s almost frictionless. Bet he wished he was down there right now, swimming in my never-ending juices, squirming in all those warm, soft folds… I love it, and it’s just my fingers down there! Oh man, what would that be like:  being small enough to climb into my own pussy? That’s insane! But right now… it seems like a good idea. I’d definitely know how to please myself, not like this clueless little fucker. I mean, I love him, but he really has no idea what to do with me.

I guess I could show him. Fish him out of my mouth, place him where I want him… suddenly not concerned whether this is the best of all possible experiences. Just want to fuck around with him and use him to get myself off… nah. not right now. Going to mess with him a little more.

What’s it like to be pressed against my teeth? Does he think I’m going to bite him? I could, easily. I could just open my jaws up a little, without even opening my lips, and clamp down on whatever falls in the way. I say this, while the fat meat under my fingers between the knuckles scrapes against my freshly shaved skin. Not freshly, recently shaved, but still short enough. Probably not to this guy, though! I bet he could definitely detect a couple days’ growth between my legs! Definitely not letting him down there.

I wonder if I could bite his dick off, pushing into his back with my tongue, pushing his hips forward until only his dick slips between my incisors, and then… snip! Or nibble. Whatever, I don’t know. Would that work? Is that even possible? Would I notice it, like the blood or…

Ugh. Why am I thinking this? I just want to love my li’l guy! I don’t want to hurt him. I don’t have any abiding need to taste his blood for any reason. Nothing but love here, stroking myself, slipping my fingers inside occasionally, tonguing his little butt, shoving his thighs apart. All inside my mouth like I’m tying a cherry stem into a knot. I did that once before I realized it was a stupid trick to get women to perform for men’s titillation. Like shrieking “come and get it, boys” in a shitty bar. I’d try it at home but haven’t had any reason to buy a bottle of cherries. I don’t make those kinds of cocktails. Just sucking on some little cocksucker the size of a cock…

I think I can feel his balls. I know they should be there, but they should also be too small to pick out, I think. But there’s something there. I’ll keep working on it while I dig my fingers in a little deeper and try to hook an orgasm out of me.

His Perspective

This isn’t the most erotic position I could have conceived of, being cramped up against a giant woman’s teeth. If you had set me down at a table with a pad of paper and a good pen, put on some inspirational trance/ambient music, maybe loaded me up with a couple stiff drinks, and if you’d left me alone for an hour to brainstorm all the positions I’d like to try with a giant woman, I don’t think being jammed against the inside of her incisors would’ve made the top 100. Who knows, because a hundred is a lot of guesses, and I think I’d run out of really good ideas at around 15 or 20 or so, but I’m here in this position and it’s not really doing anything for me, so I’m betting I wouldn’t project, hypothetically, at a distance, that it could be very sensual. Not least because this is the only exposed bone in her whole body, and when I think about the places I could kiss or rub my dick, exposed bone isn’t the first idea to spring to mind. It would probably rank with scabs, actually. I’m not gonna dry-hump a scab on a knee or elbow, and I’m not going to try to slip my dick between the sharp and gleaming shards of bone that were designed to tear meat from bone.

Oh, goddess. The very thought.

I can’t imagine what my own personal goddess is thinking about, keeping me here. Yeah, I started to slip down her throat, but that was an accident. I was getting closer to cumming and my thigh cramped, and my toes slipped out of her molars, and I thought I caught myself pretty well instead of falling into her gullet. But what did I get for my efforts? Her huge, thick, living, and irresistible tongue scooped me up and placed me against her teeth, and here I am. It’s a bad position for me to maneuver around, too, what with this thick lump of muscle driving into my spine. I can’t really slip past it, and there’s no way I can push against it. You never really know how strong a girl’s tongue is until it’s pushing you somewhere you don’t want to be. Not exactly T-shirt worthy, but a universal truth nonetheless.

Any time you wanna let me go, sweetie, is fine with me. My muscles are starting to cramp, and my cock’s seriously threatening to go down. Actually… I have to slip one protective hand over it, because I don’t even want to think about what would happen if it slipped between the theater of action, between an upper tooth and a lower tooth. Probably over quicker than thought, honestly, and she wouldn’t notice, but that would pretty much be my whole world. Not the end of my life, but the end of life as I know it. Would I still be horny for a giantess, without a penis? I could service her, surely, and she could still stick me in places and clench around me, but would not having a dick change how I’m into it? Would I still be turned on, conceptually?

When you’re shoved up against the inside of a big girl’s teeth for a long enough time, your thoughts begin to wander. Mine do, anyway. I’d like to think she wouldn’t be so cruel. What fucked-up world would this be, if I were mailed out to the one woman who likes to chomp down on tiny people? I mean, I guess you don’t know until you know, so you’d have to issue tiny men to every woman in the country before you could start a registry of who likes to chew on them. Sounds expensive.

But she won’t. She wouldn’t. If she were going to, she would have already. I don’t think she’s savoring the moment or anything. If anything, she seems preoccupied. I don’t know with what, you know, what can take precedence over holding a tiny little person hostage inside your own mouth? In your fist, sure, I could see you forgetting about him for a second while you, like, pay for parking or respond to a text message. I could see that. But the hand is an extremity and the head is kind of the base of sensory operations, and it’s not like we go around carrying things in our mouth anyway, so that should make it new and interesting. Like, hey! Living person in your mouth, here! You paying attention?

And I barely fit in here anyway. I’m super cramped, and she’s bent me backward against the inner curvature of her jaws. I’m limber, I’m in shape, but lying here like this for too long is going to cramp me up something fierce, I think. Let me try to adjust…

Dammit. Her tongue’s right there to catch me, like I’m trying to get away. I wish this were more sensual, having a tongue ready to meet me wherever I turned, but I’m really not facing the right direction for that. I can’t really engage with the tip of her tongue like this, as much as I’d like to. She feels pretty active behind me, nudging into my lower back, probing my little butt. Yeah, I wish I were turned around so I could play with her. How do I communicate that to her, wadded up in her mouth like this?

I can’t even jerk myself off. Arms bent back just enough, pressed up too tightly against her teeth. But I can feel her breathing getting harder. I have one guess as to what that means. So, do I just wait it out until she relieves herself and finds something else to do with me?

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