The History of the Future of GTS

I’ve had a couple Palomas on an empty stomach, so I guess it’s time for an end-of-week Size Fantasy update.

The smart, hungry GTS consumer is going to set up a Google Alert for “giantess,” in order to hear whenever the word is mentioned online. This does not result in success. Oftentimes, what you hear about is a Shin Megami Tensei or Soul Hackers reboot, both capitalizing on Skadi from Scand mythos in lieu of creative exertion, with screenshots of surprisingly crappy vector-plotted humanoids intended to represent a goddess. For several months, all you’d hear about was anticipation of and disappointment in She-Hulk. Occasionally you’d get a salacious UK article about a webcam sexworker, a pro-wrestler, or a vintage newspaper article about an unusually tall woman from the late 1800s. You just never know.

So, what did I see tonight? Two articles, one genuinely interesting and one breaking into shitty new real estate. Bad news first: My Hero Revelation: The story of Mt. Lady shows how she has a giantess costume from WhiteSpring. Personally, if I had to lay odds, I’d stake 30% this is shitty automated translation of a foreign story, against 70% this is shitty AI-generated content. The article is functionally unreadable, and yet if you click on the byline, the “author” is cranking out hundreds of articles a day. Either a team of people are publishing under the pen name “Jacob” or this gaming magazine has ponied up for an AI text generator, quality be damned.

The other article is actually relevant and personally interesting, because most of us with our eyes and ears open have come across this salacious, enticing series of thematic French ads.

No joke, microdog.

It looks like journalist Miss Rosen, writing for i-D (both a punk fashion/photography ’zine from the ’80s and a winking emoticon if you’re from the ’80s) has taken it upon herself to look back at Kookaï’s advertising campaign from the ’90s, and not without a retrospective of macrophilia in popular culture in the past several goddamn decades. Respect.

She has done her research for her piece “The 90s campaign all about the fetish for giant women” and if you think, if you tell yourself, you’re into this at all you owe it to yourself to study this. Does it cover all Size Fantasy? No, but it goes places you weren’t aware of, I assure you, and it will round out your giantess education. Unless you’re not interested in thinking very hard and just looking to tug one out, in which case… why are you reading me?

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