Back in the Saddle

I’ve been writing again. I don’t know what changed—lots of things changed; correlation is not causation—but one day I picked up a series I started in 2016 and added another chapter to it. Then one after the other, sometimes two episodes in an evening, and with the encouragement of some friends I plowed through and concluded it this morning.

In its description on Giantess World, it says that I started “Back Row Attack” in July 2016. It is not at all uncommon for Size Fantasy writers to get all excited about an idea, charge through for a while, then lose momentum or the creative energy that drove it initially, switching to another bright, shiny, new idea and playing with that for a while. A dozen of my series on Giantess World are listed as unfinished. Now that I’m writing again (for now), I’m making my goal for 2023 to continue and finish as many of these as possible, perhaps all of them.

Then what? I’ve got a dozen stories in draft on WordPress that need attending to.

Then what? I have a hundred story ideas in a Google Doc, all waiting their turn.

Then what? There are two blank books filled with more ideas, false starts, sketches, and outlines that could use some help manifesting in this reality.

Will I do all that? Likely not, but I will certainly work on a lot of these. I will definitely wrap up everything I have listed in Giantess World, and maybe some of them will get shaped up, revised, and see new life as an epub or print copy via Smashwords/Draft2Digital. Why not? Why the fuck not, indeed.

Content warning for “Back Row Attack“: A woman on a college volleyball team steals a shrunken man, brings him aboard the team bus, and her cruel teammates discover him and sexually use him, repeatedly, for their entertainment. FF/m, domination, humiliation, body exploration, insertion, mouthplay, buttplay, noncon.

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