AI Writing: So Far, and Yet So Far

I was updating my WordPress widgets this afternoon. I discovered they have a whole section of deprecated “legacy” widgets that I was using and they didn’t delete. I got rid of the obviously wrong ones, obviously irrelevant, and winnowed them down to the ones I thought were still useful, but got rid of them because they’re legacy widgets and not current/applicable.

When modifying and adding a new Mastodon link, I noticed the option for an “AI paragraph” widget. Curious (of course!), I set it up and let it run to see what it was about.

This is what it produced for me, based on everything I’ve written on this site.

My name is Aborigen and I’m an aspiring author living in the UK. I’m here today to share my love for writing and the joys of creative expression. Writing has been a great outlet for me to express myself, to connect with others and to feel validated in my own ideas. Writing has also helped me to become more confident in my writing ability.

Writing does not have to be a solitary endeavour. I’m here on Writing.Exchange because I’m looking to connect with other writers and to encourage each other with our writing journey. If you are looking for someone to talk to or to provide feedback, don’t hesitate to connect with me on here. You can also message me directly and we can chat further.

Yeah. I’m famously from Minneapolis, as a certain differently abled Size artist who presented here in a gallery and passive-aggressively avoided me can tell/warn you. I do want to share the rewarding experience of writing with Size writers who want to take their craft seriously, though none have taken me up on this.

Do I write for validation? I definitely work out some demons and dark thoughts with my content. I am absolutely ready to encourage anyone who wants to find their path in Size Fantasy writing.

“Writing has helped me feel confident about writing.” The fuck, AI.

3 thoughts on “AI Writing: So Far, and Yet So Far

  1. You moved. 😆

    That seems so odd that anyone would avoid you, but I’m certain I don’t know enough of those differently-abled particulars.

    I stopped paying for my WP blog a few weeks ago, but I’ll see if I can find that widget later, just to see what nonsense it says about me.

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    1. Seriously, I knew the gallery she was showing at and everything, offered to treat her to dinner. But she wouldn’t respond because of something that had to do with a friend-of-a-friend that she didn’t totally understand, near as I can figure out, and that was enough for her to dispense with acting like an adult.

      What I wouldn’t do to live somewhere in the UK, though.


      1. That sounds like so much fun! Discussing size shop while eating a nice dinner? A non-keto dinner? Like a giant burger and a shake or a huge steak and fixings… WHILE talking about size writing or art? How can anyone pass that up, I don’t even know.

        I feel the same way about anywhere with free healthcare right now. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I’m all kinds of tense about it. Wish me luck!

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