Update: SizeCon ’23

Yes, I’ll be there.

I went back and forth on this. I mean, when I’ve gone in the past, it hasn’t been as an attendee: I was a vendor with a table, selling books. But since I quit Size Twitter (due to that massive idiot Musk tearing it apart from the inside and turning it into a white supremacist sewer), I’ve been effectively cut off from the Size community. I wrapped up a series on Giantess World, yeah, and sometimes I got DMs on Instagram and DeviantArt, but otherwise I’ve alienated myself.

My productivity was shot, these past few years. More of my energy went into researching creativity and inspiration, if anything. I walked away from Size for several months. What did I have to offer, now? No new books, certainly.

But a couple people reached out and wanted to know if I was going to attend. And I was like, what am I going to give my energy to, this negativity that weighs me down, or a handful of friends, unified in this strange, exciting genre of ours? So I bought my table, booked my flights, and secured a room. I’m going to SizeCon!

I’ll have something to offer, this time. Last time I ordered my print books too late and they arrived at the hotel after I flew home. This time I’ll do it right, with a list of swag and creative work to share, and I’ve got two months to write, edit, revise, and print a brand-new book for SizeCon. I’ve gone from flat-lining to crackling with energy. My wife finds it disconcerting.

Not only that, but I glanced at the roster of creators who’ll be there, and I’m excited to see more names of people I know and admire. Really excited!

Registration ends soon, as of the writing of this post. This would be a great year to meet your community.

2 thoughts on “Update: SizeCon ’23

    1. Well, they could be better. I got all the swag in place, so that’s good. I’m planning the zine, and I have enough material for that, though I’m struggling with an original, VERY SHORT story for that. Not to mention I’ve abandoned the idea of an original book to print, because it felt lacking in passion, so I’ll print out another book that never made it to hardcopy. So I’ll have two titles to sell, at least. I’m experiencing an interesting psychic resistance to creating anything, as if I resent the deadline instead of being motivated by it.


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