Sixteen Days Till SizeCon ’23

I’m pleased to disclose I’m keeping to schedule. Yes, I wrote up a schedule of everything that needs to get done, primarily getting my books formatted for print (with plenty of time for shipping) and composing the zine, and as of this writing I’m on track! At the start of the month I created an arbitrary outline of all tasks, with lots of wiggle-room, and as I achieve each one my anxiety goes down.

As for Ginny and We Come from Somewhere This Was Real will be reformatted for print and will be on sale with Short Shrift. Three titles! That will feel good. I’ve got bookmarks, buttons, and stickers to peddle, and I took advantage of a Stickermule sale to create a simple T-shirt, so with my two Matthew Huntley shirts, my wardrobe for the weekend is sorted.

What would you want to see at my vendor table?

In personal news, I’ve ended my lifelong procrastination streak. See, I was born one name, then took up my stepfather’s name in high school because I thought it would reduce confusion, and then almost immediately he cheated on Mom with his secretary (how trite) and left the family. For decades I’ve carried his surname for no good reason, but today I’ve finally filed for a court date to get my name legally changed back to my birth name. I’m very excited about and proud of this; next, I’ll renew my passport with my correct name and then apply for my Real ID. I know I’m somewhat late in life to undertake this process, but it’s important to me and I’m finally making it happen.

Hell, I could use this momentum to schedule a vision test and finally get real glasses. I just set up a dental appointment to fix my chipped tooth, along those lines, and I concluded my PT which means I have near-complete range of motion in my arms. There’s nothing to stop me from exercising again.

What else? Well, I’m still updating music videos to Size Fantasy Music Videos, and that means the YouTube playlist grows as well. And when SizeCon is done, I’ll return to my commissions and will undertake a new project: repackaging the Patreon-exclusive series into books for Smashwords (Her Coercive Tone and I Will Crush You, at least). If I were really ambitious I could attempt to render them as comics, but that’s quite a lot of ambition. I’ve got a lot of loose ends to tie up, but filing for my name change makes me think I could do it all.

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