PayPal Orders a Publisher to Self-Censor

Oh no, I hope this doesn’t get in the way of things.

PayPal sparks furor over limits on “obscene” e-books

I don’t think PayPal has the right to order something like that. All they have to do is collect and channel money. They have working relationships with the banks, but I don’t think the banks should be able to pressure PayPal like this. PayPal doesn’t have to connect to a porn site (but I bet it does), but they are stepping way out of their jurisdiction by ordering an e-publisher what literature it may or may not allow on its own site.

I’m concerned. I don’t write about rape or incest, I’m not interested in those themes and I don’t want to encourage them or represent them in my writing at all. But I do write about sexual relationships between women and tiny little men, sometimes the adventures of gigantic women storming through a normal-sized world. Those situations can’t exist in real life, they’re deep within the world of fiction even if they’re colored by erotica.

But I was really hoping to self-publish some material on these e-publishing websites. I wanted to write a giantess novel and release it on, like, Lulu or Smashwords. People could custom order a print copy or download an e-reader version. But if PayPal has the leverage to bully an online publisher like this, that may change my game plan, obviously.

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