The Going Is Slow

Hmm. It’s an educational experience. I was led to believe three things:

  1. The e-reader market is a bustling hotbed of activity,
  2. Erotica is earning obscene piles of cash, and
  3. Giantess erotica is so specific, anyone can find it on their own.

What’s happening so far? Well, since uploading, getting Premium listing, reuploading a better copy once I discovered all my errors, Smashwords experiencing technical issues, and finally getting Premium listing once again…

Not much is happening. Twelve people have previewed my story, one person bought it (thanks, sweetie), and there it sits. Was I naive to think something else would happen? Or am I a bad writer?

I was hoping to upload a few short stories, generate some interest, upload some more, commission more artwork, crank out a couple full-length books to reward my support. But maybe I’ll slam my hands in a car door instead.

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