Finally, a New Story

I actually have some news to share here.

I’ve been silent, but I haven’t been motionless. I’ve been working on longer stories in my privacy, and one of them is finally ready to go. After a year and a few months, my story Fundamental Allure is undergoing final review and will be uploaded soon.

Are you excited? I am—this has taken forever. I cranked it out Nov. ’13 during NaNoWriMo, and I spent the next year editing it, on and off. Luckily, I recently lost my job and have had plenty of time to focus on Fundamental Allure, and 30,000 words later, it’s complete. It’s undergone five rewritings, which is a lot, and now I think it looks the way I want it to.

I’m rereading it now, both on my mobile device and by reading it aloud, and when I’m done with the last few tweaks, I’m going to subject it to the Smashwords style guide. Once it passes this, it goes online and for sale there, and once Smashwords approves it, they’ll distribute it elsewhere, too.

So get ready. Fundamental Allure is about a stupid man who cheated on the best girlfriend he ever had. Once he finally attains a pill that will actually shrink him down, he’s got to win her back and live out his heart’s greatest fantasy with her. He doesn’t consider that she may have plans for him as well, of course, because what kind of story would this be if everything ran smoothly?

UPDATE: Please check out Fundamental Allure at Smashwords, and let me know what you think.

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