Whole Lotta Writin’ Goin’ On

It’s so funny. November 2013 I plowed my way through Fundamental Allure for NaNoWriMo, and I wrote out the complete work. It was rough and uncooperative, parts of it repeated and other parts contradicted itself, but all the material was there.

Over the next dozen months I slowly picked at it, cleaned up parts at my leisure. Eventually I rewrote it, lost the rewrite and rewrote it again. Then I rewrote it a couple more times out of intense frustration until I finally hit my stride and created a version I really liked.

After another few months I finished it off, reviewed it on my e-reader, read it aloud and made the last tweaks before uploading it. Now Fundamental Allure is available online for sale. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

While promoting this I returned to the Giantess World forum and read through some user challenges. I picked out three I liked and wrote up some plot ideas. I worked on one yesterday afternoon and hammered away at it until one in the morning, then woke up and went straight back to it, completing it this afternoon. Please also read “The Lords of the Ternakan.”

And know that it took me 14 months to write a 30,000-word story and half a day to crank out a complete, 18,000-word story. Sometimes I just do not understand myself.

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