More ePub Markets

I’m exploring other online sites for e-publishing, just because I haven’t. I’ve put all my eggs in Smashwords’ basket but there are other venues for free self-publication.

For instance, I’ve uploaded my stories to Google Books. It makes no difference to me whether readers purchase from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble or Google Play. It is my hope that new readers will find me on new channels, however.

I decided to skip uploading to Amazon, since they have a policy of forbidding you from posting anywhere else. And while it sounds like they have a robust distribution program, I’ve already started elsewhere. I would need convincing evidence that Amazon would yield a better audience than everywhere else I’m marketing, in aggregate.

As for AllRomance, I’m waiting to hear back from them. They’re very professional, they take themselves very seriously. They have an actual acceptance process, whereas you only need to validate your email anywhere else. I hope they have a good audience for giantess/shrink fantasy stories.

Lastly, I’ve written a second episode in a strange tale: The Tiny Scrubbing Bubble. I started this five years ago, apparently, and despite people clamoring for more I completely abandoned it. Well, tonight I showed up at my coffee shop at 2 p.m. and didn’t leave until 7 p.m., after I wrapped up a complete chapter in this story. That was my goal and I’m pleased to have fulfilled it.

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

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