The Endless Struggle

It’s not really as bad as I make it out to be. As problems go this is pretty light.

Last night I easily exported my Blogger posts into this WordPress blog. And I laboriously, tediously cut-n-pasted my Google Sites blog posts into WP. Google Sites doesn’t have a convenient tool to do this: you have to download a third-party program to reclaim your material from that app, and that’s too many unknown fingers in my pie. I only had just under 40 entries on Sites, and many of them were duplicates of stuff I’d posted on Blogger and even here, so it was even less work than I’d thought.

Now everything is centralized to this site, and I’m free and clear from Google self-publication products (I still use Gmail and their search program); I’m letting them stand for one week with my protest messages, then I’ll delete them and that’ll be that.

Now I get to focus on and develop this site. I’m working on my short stories, I’m intent on developing the next for publication on Smashwords, and I’m going to knock these out systematically as goals. I’ll keep everyone updated here, and I have to go through my entire online presence to make sure I’m linking back to this site. That’s just housekeeping, it shouldn’t take more than half an hour to tighten up on.

How about you, reader? Are you with me? Does this sound exciting and interesting? I want to make this place exciting and interesting.

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