Sticking To It

I’m actually making progress. Slow but real progress. I’m on the fourth rewrite of Holiday Bonus and I’m pleased with how it’s coming out this time around.

I’m letting myself off the hook with a lot of detail, seeing as how it’s really supposed to be a short story, but I keep giving too much attention to peripheral characters who’ll never show up again. I’m trying to create an atmosphere, but I’m putting too much work into it for a short, swift little story like this. I really should get to the meat of the tale, but maybe that’s what beta readers are for: they’ll tell me where it drags and lags, and what parts should be played up instead.

If I had any beta readers, of course. That’s the next problem, finding very understanding, open-minded beta readers to offer substantive advice and overlook the sexual deviation (or at least not judge it… at least around me).

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