Interview with the Giantess Fetishist

I have rewritten my interview with Smashwords. They give you standard questions and you choose which ones you want to answer. It’s a good exercise to go through once in a while, to remind you why you’re doing what you do, where your priorities are, etc. Here’s an excerpt.

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
A friend of mine likened writing to the closest thing we have to actual, real magic in this world. Authors create detailed worlds that are very real for their readers, and they conjure people who become our best friends or our nightmares, yet they don’t actually exist. That’s very close to magic. I love that I can write about all the things I’d like to see, I can share my dreams and imagination faithfully enough to recreate them in my readers’ heads, all through a strong vocabulary and the fundamentals of storytelling. I get a little thrill from thinking that I’m part of humanity’s ancient tradition of storytellers.

If you’d like to read more, please go to my Smashwords profile.

Image by Deathwish

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