Penciling in the Story Sketch

I have all my old stories saved up, notes from ten or twenty years ago all stored and ready to be used or modified. A long time ago, I used to chat online with virtual giantesses, collaborating on long and elaborate sexual encounters. Eventually it occurred to me to save some of these in text files, and while I mourn the adventures that have been lost to time, at least I have some left to inspire and motivate me.

I also have a series of three notebooks, three blank books. They look like paperback classics of foreign literature, titles no one would be interested in even if they could read the language. But these are alien in a different sense: two of them are full of story ideas for giantess erotica and adventures with tiny people. Any time I see someone attractive who would make a great character for a story, in the notebook they go. Any time I witness a situation or a scenario that lends itself to giantess thought, I write it down with any pen on hand and cover all the points necessary to preserve it for future use.

But the third one is entirely empty. The first one is fully loaded with notes and sketches, the second is half-full of story ideas. I haven’t gotten to the third one… until yesterday.

I’m trying to develop another short story for publication, Holiday Bonus, the one about a middle-aged woman who learns to accept her progress in life and appreciate the new realm of physical validation she’s in, rather than mourn what she thinks she’s lost. (She learns this with the help of a tiny man. It’s great.) But I’m on the fourth rewrite of it currently and I seem to stall in the middle of the first act. I spend too much time on details and characters that’ll never come back in the story, because I’m so self-impressed with the atmosphere and the main character’s colorful coworkers.

These are not the point of the story. The point is Helen, going to a company party she’s dreading, being confronted with all the issues in her life.

Yesterday I cracked open the new, third notebook, took up a pencil, and outlined the things I really needed to list in the next chapter. I listed the things I should cut down on in description, and I listed what I must skip over and leave out.

This was magical. I rewrote it today, and the chapter after it (after the same revision), and it totally worked. I hit all the points I wanted to address, and I didn’t dwell too long on any trivial aspect that detracted from the action. Now, two slim chapters later, my characters are exactly where I want them to be and I can start progressing toward the good stuff.

Of course, my beta readers will tell me whether I’m deceiving myself. They’ll let me know what needs to be glossed over even further, what else needs to be cut out because it really doesn’t add anything. Readers of giantess erotica aren’t looking for tremendous exposition, usually: they want to see the big woman take up the tiny person and have her way with them. If it takes too long to get there, the writer gets a reputation and their new work doesn’t get looked at.

All I’m here to do is entertain my readers with stories I’m proud of having written. This is a learning process for me, and I look forward to getting stronger at it. Using a pencil (to remind myself that anything can be rewritten) in a new notebook was a great idea. This third notebook will be fully packed with revisions and outlines of nearly complete stories already underway, unlike the first two full of new ideas yet to see light of day.

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