Lovely Mari and the Train that Needed To

“So… sleepy…”

Lovely Mari’s voice resounded across the countryside, echoing off the mountains, breaking through the upper atmosphere. Today she was no less than five miles tall, for one thing. Her hair looked terrific: five miles is when gravity significantly lessens from the planet’s pull, so her long, silky blonde hair lofted prettily about her head and shoulders, framing her beautiful face quite remarkably. Only once did her witch’s hat float off her head and into space; she held it down with a simple spell after that.

But aside from how great she looked, it had been an exhausting day, even for the most powerful witch on Earth. There were so many areas that needed stomping, so many populations that needed wiping out… It just seemed like an endless task! Yet Lovely Mari never wavered in her dedication to her task, crushing everything she could see—and she could see everything.

At long last it was evening and Mari decided it was time for a break before she moved on to the next location. In fact, she had been so productive, she felt she deserved a bit of a nap. But where should she sleep…

The young goddess threw back her head and laughed! A goddess like herself sleeps wherever she damn well pleases!

And so it came to be that where she stood was a good enough place to doze. There was a lovely mountain range for her pillow, and… well, nothing else mattered. Her arms and legs could spread out wherever they liked, across the countryside. She braced her boots upon the ground, kicked away with the right one (digging up massive tracts of earth and hurling them miles away), spun on her left boot and executed a perfectly darling pirouette. Her form was exquisite, if you were far enough away to take it all in, and it triggered the spell that changed her entire outfit.

Gone was the witch’s hat, French maid blouse and apron, and the tantalizing black leather kneeboots. In its place were a floppy bonnet and a draping nightgown, both in cornflower blue. Voluminous sleeves decorated in white flower print trailed behind her twirling arms, with her signature black garter on one bicep. The black satin belt and her legendary décolletage were all trimmed in white lace. And on this occasion, Lovely Mari chose no footwear but instead went barefoot: the ball of her left foot spun and grilled a tremendous divot into the ground, lawns and trees squeezing up from between her dainty, darling toes. The carcass of a wolf upheaved and rolled into the corner of her toenail, embedding itself where the nail wedged into the skin, and there it would remain, lost to the world and outside of the goddess’ knowledge.

Mari came out of the spin, planted her right foot upon a coal refinery, and giggled with irresistible cuteness. Her tremendous bosom heaved in the upper atmosphere: today had been a day of much dying, and her boobs were fully loaded with as many souls as they could contain, straining mightily against her nightgown. Her merry laughter spread out across the land, deafening everyone within a mile radius, shattering windows and knocking pictures and mirrors off the walls. None of this, of course, was any of Mari’s concern, because it was bedtime and that was all that mattered, truly.

A passenger jet coasted through the evening sky, just beginning to enter its descent. The crew nosed the craft down gently, but only too late turned to notice the huge wave of blonde hair sailing through the air. Frozen in shock, they watched the hair give way to a broad, peach-hued cheek, an adorable button nose the size of a skyscraper, and one sparkling, crimson eye. The blood chilled in their bodies as their minds struggled, completely incapable of comprehending this scene. Parts of it were familiar, but all of it was so, so wrong…

Lovely Mari stretched out her long, toned arms, balling her massive hands into cute little fists that twisted and rolled in the great void of space far above the planet. She pursed and licked her lips.

The crew of the jet, still motionless, watched the tremendous tip of the witchy giantess’s tongue come rolling out from between two sweet, pink lips. The dying rays of the sun glistened on hundreds of moist, bumpy taste buds. The captain and copilot were absolutely hypnotized; the navigator passed out cold and collapsed to the floor in a heap. The remaining crew only gaped at the massive tongue as it slid back and forth, covering many hundreds of feet in just a second, then at the enormous black nostrils above the giantess’s lip, nostrils that spread and flared directly ahead of them…

Even an all-powerful goddess enjoys a couple lungfuls of good, clean air, and Mari threw back her head and yawned. Oh, it was a good yawn! She could feel her powerful muscles tensing and shivering all the way up her spine, all throughout her arms. This was a great yawn, in fact! She closed her eyes and turned her focus to her throat, feeling the muscles strain and stretch pleasantly! Her tongue unfurled, broadened and reached out from her teeth, the muscles lining her ribs all rippled pleasantly beneath her nightgown, and her lungs just sucked in more and more air. Lovely Mari extended this experience for as long as she could, reveling in her tired muscles flexing and shuddering in the climax before relaxation.

The cavernous nostrils gave way to a broad pink lip; the lip passed by and was replaced by an imperious row of glistening, sharp white teeth; and even the teeth elevated above the hapless passenger jet. The copilot began to moan and, far too late, the captain pawed at the steering controls numbly. A chorus of shrieks and screams began to arise from behind the cabin door as the jet sailed under the enormous half-circle of perfect teeth, heading toward the pink, glistening ceiling that was the roof of a giantess’s mouth. But they did not collide: instead, they were swept along with the powerful gale that the giantess sucked into herself. The jet shook, pitched, and finally tumbled down the back of the gaping, black throat. The screams of over 200 people echoed in the chamber of Mari’s pharynx, nearly as loud as the roar of the engines, until the craft finally collided with the tissues of her throat, crumpled, and showered in pieces around her larynx. All these souls vaporized and sank into her massive tongue, for some reason, which twitched ecstatically with the additional life force and the amazing yawn in progress.

The five-mile-tall goddess smacked her lips and grinned happily. That was probably one of the top five best yawns of her life. She was pleased nothing occurred to disturb it!

Rubbing her large, limpid eyes, Mari looked around at the land. The sun was halfway below the horizon now, tingeing the skies in a striking array of orange and red streaks. She grinned at the sun, which seemed to be showing off just to attract her attention; in response, she cupped her hands below her gargantuan boobs and hefted them a couple times. The tender, succulent skin of their gracefully curved surface glowed warmly in the dying light, a sure sign of the sun’s approval. She blew a kiss to the sun and then settled down to find a place to sleep for the night.

All things being equal to a five-mile-tall goddess, of course, she simply plopped down where she stood. Through her nightgown, her soft, round knees dug broad tracks into the countryside as she got comfortable. Her head rested nicely in the saddle between two mountains, with long sheets of shiny blonde hair draped across one peak, her cornflower bonnet sagging and building up on the side of the mountain and the valley below. Contentedly she wrapped her vast, powerful arms around the entire mountain range and snuggled in, already drifting into slumber.

Now, through this mountain ran a long stretch of railroad tracks, and it was on these that Lovely Mari had settled her colossal, delectable body. In fact, the line of these tracks nearly perfectly ran down Mari’s middle. If a train were to drive into the mountain, chug through the tunnel and emerge on the other side, everyone aboard would have been blessed with the exquisite treat of plunging safely into the goddess’s sacred cleavage. Yes, they could have looked out their windows at the enormous boobs, squashed against the foothills of the mountain and swelling to cover the entire county. There used to be towns there, small podunk villages with independent businesses and families who’d lived there for five generations. There was even a powerful textile mill in the town on the right of the tracks and a hugely successful coal refinery in the town on the left, but by considerable coincidence, each of these had been pummeled, crumpled, and driven deep into the earth by each of Lovely Mari’s cute nipples. The chilly night air had slightly hardened them to where they had poked alluringly through the fabric of her nightgown, and when she lay down for the night, they fell like asteroids upon the factories that had funded and built these downs, flattening and shattering them into an unrecognizable state.

The passengers could have stared at Mari’s voluptuous boobs instead of the towns, and taken pictures to their heart’s content, until the train drove into Mari’s taut belly, fully relaxed and crushing the tracks.

But there was no train coming from that direction tonight. No, the only train scheduled along this line, this evening, was coming from the opposite direction. It was turning very slowly around some foothills that blocked the engineer’s view—a blind curve. If the engineer had been paying attention, he still might have seen Mari’s cute heel rising above the foothills, off in the distance. As it was, his office was understaffed and he was nearing the end of a double shift. Despite drinking three times as much coffee as he liked, he was still very tired and his senses were dulled. It was all he could do to watch the dials and listen for any incoming phone calls. Otherwise, the monotony of the bland countryside rushing endlessly past his windows was lulling him into sleep, against which he was losing the battle.

But then his train cleared the curve, and before the sun was gone entirely, he saw a dainty, cutely shaped foot lying upon the land. Yes, it was the size of a mountain, but it was perfectly pink and look oh-so-soft, with a cutest row of darling toes he’d ever seen in his life. Each toe was larger than his house, larger than the building in which he worked, but somehow his mind interpreted them as just the cutest things ever.

He stared at it, wondering if it was some astounding billboard or maybe an insane artistic construction. But no, the enormous foot led to an enormous, slim ankle, and from that an enormous shin led to an enormous, round calf. He leaned out the engine’s window, looking back at the ankle and the big toe, then up at the calf as his train chugged ahead, accelerating as it came out of the blind curve. He knew that was an enormous woman’s leg, and he ran to the other window and confirmed the presence of another enormous woman’s leg, and then the train was pitched into darkness.

It should be known that this was no ordinary train. It was not a passenger train, so when it crashed there would be no hundreds of souls flying out and seeping into Mari’s enticing thighs. No, most of the cars were carrying building supplies, two were fully loaded with tremendous quantities of fuel, and one bore three large missiles, draped in canvas and securely strapped to the flatbed. This was the train that the sleepy engineer had been guiding across the country.

And the reason why it suddenly grew dark? That’s simple. Even though the sun was setting, it didn’t set that quickly, and half the sky was still glowing warmly; the engineer could see this over the pleasant curve of Mari’s calf. But when the beautiful giantess laid down and spread herself out over the land, her nightgown became bunched up in places. Overhead, the fabric clung to the backs of her powerful thighs, and it spread like a vast and impenetrable awning over the land. This is what blocked out the light as the sleepy engineer’s cargo train rumbled past the giantess’s dimpled knees. Yet the track was still clear because the front of the gown had cinched up around Mari’s hips, leaving the front of her thighs bare as they crushed the forests around the tracks, and leaving the tracks clear as they ran all the way up to…

The sky’s fading light still glowed, albeit dimly, through the spreading cornflower gown far overhead, and the engine’s brilliant headlamp pierced the murky air ahead. Between these, the engineer was able to perceive the narrowing corridor formed by to tremendous thighs, sweeping way up above the train and curving perilously close to the tracks. They were motionless, at least, but the train bore ahead inexorably to… to the…

Fully awake now, the engineer rubbed his own eyes much as the giantess surrounding him had not long ago. He strained to peer ahead, adjusting to the gloom of the evening, following the engine’s light all the way up the tracks.

Far ahead rose a wall of broad, thick white and blue horizontal stripes. Where they started, they buried themselves with the steel tracks into the earth, and from there they rose far, far overhead. The lines were not perfectly straight, not where they hung, for they wound around a colossal set of labia, conforming to their soft, inviting curvature. And where they elevated into the sky, the engineer was far enough away to see them disappear over the twin peaks of perfectly round, massive buttocks, larger even than the mountains he’d expected to drive through.

His heart, which had been fluttering in panic, now pounded slowly and very hard, like a prisoner hammering away at the walls of his cell. In his pants, there was a stiffening and a growth…

On the train rumbled, into the inky blackness of the valley of the young giantess’s compelling thighs. The engineer shook his head: with 15 cars behind him, heavily laden with construction materials, fuel, and weapons, he had very little time to hit the brakes and control the skid of metal-on-metal, but if he reacted quickly, he just might pull it off. If he seized the brakes right now, right this second, there would be a moment of physical turbulence, but the train should drag itself to a halt, sliding down the metal rails to a standstill before the collision.

All he had to do was wrap his hands around the brakes and apply them.

Precious seconds ticked by. He knew he had to act quickly.

Just grab those ol’ brakes, any second now. The sooner, the better.

Instead, he leaned against the front window and watched the massive wall of the giantess’s pussy grow closer and closer. The train rumbled beneath the swelling monuments of sweet inner thighs, and he longed to taste them. Hell, at this size, he could crawl on his belly across this woman’s leg for a year and never get anywhere. He blinked, repeatedly, drew a very long breath through his clenched teeth, and then took action.

He’d had plans for his life, yes. He was going to take a long vacation next year. He’d been planning on staying in southern Italy for a whole month: he’d saved up enough money to live very comfortably, and he had more than enough vacation time built up. In fact, he’d been dating a nice woman for the past two years, and he was considering buying a nice ring and proposing to her in the cliffside village of Amalfi Coast. The pictures of this little town were picturesque, and he wanted her to know how grateful he was for her, to reflect the beauty and richness she gave his life. Until she found him, he questioned whether he’d ever known love or life at all.

Now, however, he was throwing this all away. He climbed out of the door of his engine, hurtling down the tracks at a respectable 70 mph. Squinting into the wind, he wrapped his fingers around various bars and ledges on the engine’s exterior, then planted one foot upon the sideboard and pulled his frail little body out of the cabin. The wind tore the hat off his head promptly, and his skull was awash in roaring, blasting air, but he was determined. He reached out and grabbed a fistful of something metal, stepped forward again, and carefully he picked his way along the side of the vehicle, clawing his way forward.

Far off in the distance, Lovely Mari licked her lips in her sleep. She was deep in a wonderful dream, in which she was visiting a planet of ice cream. Her happy sighs echoed across the side of the mountain. Five miles off in the opposite direction, her darling, excited toes carved trenches into the surface of the land.

Down between her legs, the long, thin train barreled into the darkness where her tender, milky inner thighs drew closer and closer. The engineer spared little time to take in the scenery, however, entirely focused upon his task. The hard part was nearly over: he braced himself against the relentless windstorm and hauled himself onto the narrow platform on the very front of the engine. He couldn’t fall from here, between the safety rail before him and the violent winds pinning him to the engine.

Closer and closer the train raced; closer and closer the young giantess’s tremendous thighs loomed around him; closer and closer came the thin layer of blue-and-white panties. Yet this platform was not enough, the engineer realized, he needed the last edge for the full effect.

Ducking beneath the handrail, he struggled against the wind to sit on the platform and force his legs over the front lip. Powerful lanterns blazed into the darkness on either side of him, and the enormous wall of panties began to glow at the end of the tracks. Broad ovals of light spread across the tender inner thighs. The engineer believed this was absolutely right, what he was going to do, and with that conviction he planted his feet on the thick, meaty front pintle of the engine, braced his left arm against the edge of the platform, and stuffed his right hand down the front of his pants. So anchored, he leaned forward into the merciless wind and greeted his fate.

The last hundred feet of tracks were closed in a second, and time slowed down. The train pushed the little engineer into the wide, tall webbing of blue-and-white striped panties. The whiskers of his stubbly chin caught and snagged in the coarse woven fabric of the giantess’s underwear.

The engine drove forward, and the wall of fabric began to bend and stretch all over the front of the engineer’s body. Now he was shoved up against the tender folds of the giantess’s labia, hot and thick and puffy through the fabric. The panties hardly mattered as the engineer’s entire body plowed into the gigantic, swelling mounds of flesh.

The engine drove forward. Now the mounds began to spread, to flatten against the front of the train, and to fill all the space around the engineer. Her pussy stretched above into interminable distance, he knew, but his body was entirely engulfed with the upper region of the monstrous labia. As her hot skin absorbed the impact of the train, he wondered how close he was to her clitoris, in fact. Would it pop between his knees? Would his face mash into it?

The engine drove forward, and now the tremendous cakes of pussy flesh began to spread and part around him. Still apprehended in the dense webbing of her panties, the little engineer was still shoved forward into the tender, hot entrance of the goddess’s most sacred chamber. The labia widened around the front of the engine, and the engineer was plunged into a vertical pool of hot wetness. It went everywhere: his hair was plastered, his shirt was soaked, everything on him was drenched in the juices of the goddess. He opened his mouth and through the fabric his throat was filled with…

“Ice cream,” Lovely Mari whispered into the mountain peaks.

The engine abruptly halted but the 15 cars behind it did not. The night air was torn apart by screaming metal being rent, crumpled, twisted. The cars kept hammering into the engine, pounding it insistently into the young giantess’s panties. The construction materials scattered and flew everywhere, bouncing harmlessly off of Mari’s silken thighs. The fuel containers immediately ruptured and splashed flammable liquids all over, coating every surface and seeping into the ground.

Then the missiles arrived. They drove straight past the other cars that tumbled to the right and rolling to the left. They drove straight through the rubble, which launched the flatbed at such an angle, at such speed, that it actually rose a few feet, just enough to strike the back of the engine. At that impact, the restraining cables snapped like mere threads and all three missiles went briefly airborne, flying the short distance into Lovely Mari’s blessed pussy, several yards above where the engineer was mashed into a paste. And they might even have gone in, if not for the unbreakable webbing of the blue-and-white striped panties.

So instead they just exploded. The missiles collided against each other, detonated, and ignited the entire landscape doused in fuel. The fireball spread instantaneously, everything lighting up all at once: steel cars melting, railroad ties consumed, the ground charring and blackening but for the hellish blaze of powerful, civilization-ending explosions.

None of which Lovely Mari noticed, of course. Even as the train disaster boiled into slag between her tender thighs, the only thing she was aware of was a shift in her dream.

In her dream, she had been floating in an ocean of ice cream, protected from the icy chill and splashing vanilla, chocolate, and sorbet all over her legs and body. There came a gentle tickle between her thighs, not enough to disturb her, just an interesting little twinge. It became a broad and sensitive thumb, almost, as though someone had swum up from the depths of the ice cream ocean, slipped his hand between her thighs, and started nudging his thumb against her sexuality. In the dream, she arched an eyebrow and hummed contentedly.

Then it went away. It sat there for a few seconds, pulsing gently against her sex, and then it disappeared. Disappointed, Mari dipped her hand between her thighs and felt around. For some reason the ice cream was thin and runny there, but even that went away and she continued to dream of endless desserts.

Hours later, when the sun crested the opposite horizon and spread its rays across the countryside, Lovely Mari yawned, stretched, and grinned at the kindly star. She sat up, rolling to the side, her broad, round bottom flattening hundreds and hundreds of valuable acres of food-producing farmland. Her hair was a little tousled but her sleeping bonnet still sat in place. She trusted she looked glorious as ever, and she was perfectly correct.

With alarm, she discovered her nightgown had worked itself up her legs in her sleep! Mortified, she hastily tugged it back into place, then finally stood up and shook it out so it hung better. She was entirely unaware of the sheer tonnage of scrap metal that tumbled from her crotch and violently pelted the earth, just as she was unaware of how her precious toes pinched and mangled the same stretch of railroad track she’d slumbered upon. She spun herself in a quick twirl once more, transforming her sleeping clothes into another stunning and gorgeous outfit, one fit only for a cute and clever goddess like herself, and she got back to stomping the holy hell out of the countryside.

Around midday, while crouching over the capitol city of the region in order to bury it in a mountain of poop, she noticed the blackened charring and ash coating her inner thighs and the crotch of her panties. Her skin was unharmed, of course, and the panties were perfectly intact, just needing a little cleaning spell.

Lovely Mari laughed to herself. “Not again!” She shook her head, magically rinsed herself, and merrily skipped off across the countryside, setting off her trademark magnitude 7 earthquakes all the way.

Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Lovely Mari and the Train that Needed To

  1. My preconception when I read the title of the series (“Lovely Mari”) was that I should take it at face value. I was wrong to do so, but not in a meaningful way. This is, not at all, upon frank description, the kind of story I’d ever be interested in reading. However, you wrote it, so I decided at the fork where I could have clicked away from the page, that I’d keep reading.

    I enjoyed it. It reads like a letter home. It’s deadpan in its description of horrors too immense to fathom without revulsion, and that conversational tone amelliorates any possible gag reflex. It’s what your writing does. It doesn’t always work out that way, but when it does, I take pleasure in reflecting on the reasons why it did. There’s no gore. Just a… violence painted in bright, playful colors. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What an interesting take on this! That makes it sound like a tool I could employ at will, to describe incredible violence with a dispassionate observation, maybe to favor the perspective of the Mega giantess (even when she’s asleep) or just to hasten past an event… I don’t know but “like a letter home” is going to roll around my skull for a while. That’s good, that’s very useful. I hadn’t thought of it like that. I was fumbling through showing and not telling.

      Liked by 1 person

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