Summer Reading: “Holiday Bonus”

Big things are afoot around… no, that’s an awful pun.

Smashwords is having their 8th Annual Summer/Winter Sale (summer in the northern hemisphere; winter in the southern), and they’re asking their authors to participate in the promotional event. Get people reading on the beach, or what used to be a beach but is not an arctic wasteland, covered in ice. Wherever people like to read.

To that end, I’ve uploaded a new story. In “Holiday Bonus,” Helen King is reluctantly dragging herself to her office’s annual holiday party. She hates these events because it’s just a bunch of drunken social disasters and office politics, but beyond that, it just reminds her how old she’s gotten. She’d rather stay home, get drunk with her cats, and let the season pass in ignominy. Yet at the party she strikes up a conversation with a pleasant young man, Jerry Clary, and they proceed to get drunk together and slag their workplace. What rounds the evening out, however, is their nightcap: a mysterious drink provided by an equally mysterious bartender. By this they both get deliriously tipsy, but Jerry also shrinks down to the size of a small doll… and Helen gets ideas.

Holiday Bonus

I hope you like “Holiday Bonus“. And as a bonus gift to you, for Smashwords’s Summer/Winter promotion, I’m offering “Special Arrangementsfree for the month of July 2016. There are more stories in the works, as always, but until then enjoy a new one and a free one (and a regular ol’ one as well). Thanks for checking in on my blog, and be sure to review my stories!

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