On Sale: “Heroic Programming”

Heroic Programming by Aborigen
Artwork by April Kasulis

Very quickly: new story online! Heroic Programming introduces the reader to Claire, superior-level programmer for an ambitious little marketing agency. As the sole coder, she not only puts up with long weekends and overtime, she has been enduring unwanted attention from coworkers and her boss. But everyone has their breaking point, and Claire has come to the point of breaking the entire office into tiny little bits.

This story was, for me, an experiment in writing some harsher material, depicting an otherwise kindly soul who is given a taste of revenge and finds it more to her taste than she’d imagined. I ran this story past some other writers I respect (many thanks to Nyx, Ainsley, Miss Kaneda, and—as ever and in all things—my Goddess) who fine-tuned it with experience and wisdom. After a long night of drinking, inspirational music, and fatalistic “let’s do this, already” attitude, the final draft is formatted and online for sale. It is my earnest hope there’s a little something in this for everyone, and that you enjoy it.

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