The T-word that is now president-elect, representing democracy’s capacity to promote those who would destroy democracy, is busily staffing his administration with a gallery of over-the-top rogues we haven’t seen since Dozier and Semple’s Batman in 1966. Except these people are avowed bigots and fascists who have openly stated their intent to dismantle civil liberties and oppress Americans.

A lot of people, writers, blogs and channels are apologizing for suddenly turning political. You know what? We’re up against the fucking wall now: there is no need to apologize. It’s the last scene of Cabaret, with Joel Grey peeking from the curtains at a nightmare. Shove your Godwin’s Law up your ass: the United States is transforming to 1938 Berlin.

The T-word has sworn to attack free press and journalism, as well as institute a paranoid religio-fascist registry of Americans. He has nominated a wife-beating anti-Semite for his chief executive. His vice president supports torture and would like to revoke marriage equality. Among many other things. Recently, Senator Jeff Sessions was nominated to be Attorney General, which would further threaten American civil rights, not the least of which is censoring the stuff I write: he strove to imply the availability of porn was to blame for 26,000 sexual assaults in the US military in 2012.

I write short stories centering on sexual encounters between consenting adults and fantasies with unaware or nonconsenting adults. The chief trait to these stories is their physical impossibility: men who’ve been shrunken down to a few inches in height, or women who grow hundreds of feet tall. Without being overly moralistic, I do cast nonconsensual situations in a negative light, and I do try to write complex characters; regardless, it’s clear these are fantasies. I write these stories, I associate with other writers of related stories, and I follow independent artists who illustrate stories of their own, depicting highly improbable scenes in size-fetish erotica. It’s fine, and for now it’s legal.

But with sanctimonious conservative hypocrites taking over the White House and Congress, the same people who complained about being asked to be considerate of the concerns of others (or Political Correctness) are going to work for a very un-Constitutional, un-American state of censorship and moral policing. And yes, the irony is entirely lost upon them. It generally is.

So. While you’re still allowed, check out some of my size-fetish porn writing. I’ll even make it easy for you: through Friday, November 25, 2016, use these coupon codes to read these stories for free.

Please stop over and visit Crea DelRand for a similar offer for her work. Seriously: the clock is ticking on freedom of expression, and if  you think I’m exaggerating… I’ll simply point to the unelectable, gleefully ignorant, narcissistic, flaming pile of human feces that stands to preside over one of the global superpowers at noon on January 20, 2017.

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