There’s been an awful lot of anticipation around this event, and with good reason: talented and ruthless size-fetish writers have gathered to compose one piece of cruelty-driven flash fiction over the course of January. The judges are none other than everyone else in the world (with a Twitter account), reading all thirteen submitted pieces and rating them against each other in various categories.

How did this get started? Well, one fine day I had a wild hair up my ass and offhandedly commented to Nyx that someday I’d like to stage a cruel-off against her, just to see if I was capable of it. She chortled generously at the very notion, and then Will wondered whether he had it in him, and then I’m all, “You know what…” And so we conspired and made it an open-invite contest with a few simple rules and conditions, and more than a dozen people desired to play along.

Attention was raised for the friendly competition over December, stories were written over January, and now it’s February and we’ll spend a couple weeks spreading the word to get as many people to read and evaluate these stories as possible. There’s no prize, other than saying that so-and-so performed best in such-and-such a category (one of which is “Cruelest,” of course, as well as “Least Cruel”). And when all’s said and done, all the stories will be collected in a document (PDF, epub, website) for posterity, and I hope to find artists willing to donate artwork to go with these donated stories.

There will be other contests in the future, scheduled every three months in the same pattern as above (attention/writing/review). March will see attention raised for GentleApril17, in which any interested writers will compete to write the gentlest, sweetest size-fetish flash fiction they’re capable of. Some Gentle writers contributed to CruelJan17, at the cost of a portion of their souls, so to see the tables turned should be dead fascinating. Lessons learned in CruelJan17 will be applied to make GentleApril17 that much smoother, and future writing contests are still being bandied about.

The stories are online: please read them all, then fill out the evaluation form with your reactions. Several giantesses are invested in your participation, and this might not be the best month in which to let them down…

(Image by AnAlternateUsername)

I'm a size-fantasy writer, working on my own fiction and exploring other creative efforts related to this.

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