Cruel January 2017: the Stories

There’s been an awful lot of anticipation around this event, and with good reason: talented and ruthless size-fetish writers have gathered to compose one piece of cruelty-driven flash fiction over the course of January. The judges are none other than everyone else in the world (with a Twitter account), reading all thirteen submitted pieces and rating them against each other in various categories.

How did this get started? Well, one fine day I had a wild hair up my ass and offhandedly commented to Nyx that someday I’d like to stage a cruel-off against her, just to see if I was capable of it. She chortled generously at the very notion, and then Will wondered whether he had it in him, and then I’m all, “You know what…” And so we conspired and made it an open-invite contest with a few simple rules and conditions, and more than a dozen people desired to play along.

Attention was raised for the friendly competition over December, stories were written over January, and now it’s February and we’ll spend a couple weeks spreading the word to get as many people to read and evaluate these stories as possible. There’s no prize, other than saying that so-and-so performed best in such-and-such a category (one of which is “Cruelest,” of course, as well as “Least Cruel”). And when all’s said and done, all the stories will be collected in a document (PDF, epub, website) for posterity, and I hope to find artists willing to donate artwork to go with these donated stories.

There will be other contests in the future, scheduled every three months in the same pattern as above (attention/writing/review). March will see attention raised for GentleApril17, in which any interested writers will compete to write the gentlest, sweetest size-fetish flash fiction they’re capable of. Some Gentle writers contributed to CruelJan17, at the cost of a portion of their souls, so to see the tables turned should be dead fascinating. Lessons learned in CruelJan17 will be applied to make GentleApril17 that much smoother, and future writing contests are still being bandied about.

The stories are online: please read them all, then fill out the evaluation form with your reactions. Several giantesses are invested in your participation, and this might not be the best month in which to let them down…

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12 thoughts on “Cruel January 2017: the Stories

  1. If there was ever a tiny Bible written about you, it would read, “And then he said stuff, and then the stuff became A Thing, and the Thing was good.” (I actually have thought of writing one or more stories about a character of mine that’s a god, a little god. A two-inch tall god. I mean, if extreme height is one major trait that somehow defines divinity, then why can’t an extremely short person be a god?

    Uh, where was I. Oh, yeah: this thing you did was good. It was a fabulous opportunity to expand my range as a writer, and I used it. I’ll confess to you now that initially I was extremely uneasy about entering a “cruel” writing contest, so much that I didn’t want my “gentle” name connected to it when I finally realized I had not only one, but several ideas for a cruel story. I then did something very silly, and created an extra Twitter account to enter the contest.

    As time passed, I came to see that there was no “stigma” associated with entering a contest and writing a story for said contest, so I (though trepidatiously) entered the contest under my own user name. I now feel like an idiot for doing that, and I’m sorry I made you do extra work because of that. I truly found it alarming that I wanted to enter such a contest, when it had never been in my nature to write such stories.

    (Except that one time, and that particular savagery will never see the light of Internet – is what I think so far.)

    Anyway, thank you for doing this. Thank you for all you do without any expected recompense. I hope you realize what an important part of this community, of MY community, you have become. Well done!

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  2. …I’m not sure why this exists, it seems like every month is cruel giantess month. This community is saturated with cruel giantess stories and media. So much so, it can be hard to find a new non-psycho giantess story.


    1. It existed because I bet Nyx I could write a crueler story than she could, and a few other people went in on it. Some of us were Gentle writers, and this was hard for us, but we rose to the challenge. And three months later, those Cruel writers joined us for GentleApril17, and that was just as hard for them but we all had fun with it.

      I think it’s a matter of perspective. People into cruelty think the scene is inundated with Gentle and Fluffs and stuff like that. I really don’t know what the actual proportion is, just that both sides feel outnumbered, so the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.


      1. Well, I’m glad you had fun with it, but I can’t agree that the scene is “inundated with gentle and fluffs”. I mean, a giantess who’s just going around smashing everything isn’t necessarily playing mind games, and some will try to pass of evil giantesses as “playful”, that just irks me. So if you’re lumping “playful” with gentle giantesses then I guess it might seem like there’s a lot of it around.

        I did really like some of the entries in the Gentle competition…..Also, there is DEFINITELY interest in giantess audio books. There didn’t seem to be a link to leave comments on that section.

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        1. I don’t know what the scene is inundated with, I’m just saying it’s a matter of perception. As a Gentle writer, I felt isolated on size-Twitter for many months, as I thought the scene belonged to cruel giantesses and tinies who thrived on obliteration and masochism. Then I heard a Cruel writer complain that they were alone and it was nothing but Gentle out there. So I chalk it up to perception (and I don’t trust my own perceptions), keep my head down and produce my work. Occasionally I challenge myself with something outside my interest like a cruel story, stinky feet, or subsisting on farts. No judgment, but it really is a challenge.

          By giantess audio books, do you mean stories from the Tiny’s perspective, interacting with a giantess? Stories from her perspective? And to you, does it matter whether they’re narrated by a pleasant woman’s voice or by a man who struggles to soften his tone at appropriate junctures? Asking for a friend.


          1. Ok, when I say Giantess stories, most of the time I mean size changing related content in general. So, stories featuring shrunken man, shrunken woman, giantess are all kind of lumped into the same umbrella term as a short hand. Personally, actual giant women are my favorite, so maybe that’s why I go with giantess rather than shrunken man. As for who’s perspective, whether it’s from the Tiny’s perspective or the giantesses perspective, I’m not sure that matters too much to me. As long as there is good interaction and it’s well written, I like ether or.

            As for audio books, I have to admit I’m biased towards nice female voices. However, your reading was leagues better than the… one other giantess audio story I’ve heard. Which featured a female narrator, but I get the feeling she wasn’t much of a story teller. Personally, my favorite audio books are the ones where each character has a different voice actor, maybe even some subtle music and sound effects too. I’m not suggesting you go all out like that but maybe you could collaborate with another author to do the female voices?

            Do you ever write stories from the giantesses perspective? Have you ever written a sex scene from a giantesses perspective? I was writing a story a long time ago and I got stuck on the sex scene because I was writing from the giantesses perspective in the first person.

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            1. Yeah, people toss “macro/micro” around, and I can only rarely tell from context whether they mean empiricially macrophilic, always loving giantesses, or relatively, loving anything larger than you but you could be any size. I try to use terms that clearly position my perspective and proclivities, but I’m not always successful or even consistent.

              I would also rather listen to a pleasant female voice reading a giantess story, in third-person or else in first if that’s reasonable for the main character. You’ve heard my attempt at the three-part size-fantasy audiobook, where I tried to soften my timbre for the female lines, a technique I picked up from other men trying to emulate women. I really should go in for vocal training, I think that’d be useful. But I’ve also thought about asking around my female friends to see which of them would be up for narrating size-porn. And yeah, like you said, I’ve also thought about creating a sound-library of effects and commissioning a local band for musical stings, &c. Very ambitious, and probably something I can’t dedicate myself to until I wrap up a dozen other creative projects, but still on my to-do list.

              I have attempted to write size-fantasy from the woman’s perspective, but I have concerns about this too. I’ve read awful sci-fi/fantasy by male authors who clearly have no fucking idea what women are about, and I don’t want to expose my own ignorance that way. And as a white, middle-aged, abled, cishet Western man, I question how much right I have to pretend to the experiences of women, POC, people with disabilities, LGBTQ, &c. I don’t want to perpetuate stereotypes, and I don’t want to insult my audiences. (On the other hand, zero people would be interested in a fictional work in which every character resembles me, the person with whom I have the most experience.) To do these things respectfully and well requires a light touch, a large amount of research and conversation, and a lot of internal examination. Less than that is irresponsible, I feel, so… I may attempt them, but cautiously. I’m sure I’ve written a few sex stories from the woman’s/giantess’s perspective, but if I were going to do that today, I would run it by my wife or a couple very open-minded women friends first, for accuracy’s sake as well as ideas from a perspective I couldn’t possibly have.


              1. You can get some pretty good stock royalty free music for pretty cheap. Also I think you could make some nice results with just yourself and a woman to do he female roles. That’s how I’d do it anyway.

                Would you be interested in checking out my story? I could use some in-depth feedback. It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything but I’ve been thinking of getting back into it. The story features a gentle giantess, but she was abused in the past. Which complicates things in the story.


                    1. I liked it. There are a lot of good ideas in here, and you have a strong sense of your characters. You move into the action quickly and get the story going at a good pace.


                  1. Hey, man, I just realized that my story request was posted under the name “Array” for some reason. Sorry if that caused some confusion. Anyway, thanks for reading my story. Did you read the whole story or just the first chapter? Also was there anything in particular you thought I need to improve on? Anyway, thanks again.


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