When I first started self-publishing, as soon as I’d uploaded my first short story to Smashwords, I was hit up by an affiliated service that asked me if I’d like to record my story as an audiobook (and market it through them). That was far beyond my scope at the time but I never forgot the idea.

More recently, my good friend Undersquid reawakened the idea in my head, telling me about audio tracks other G/t creators used to produce and what was going on with ASMR, all aside from audiobooks. I figured it would cost me nothing to attempt my own recordings: Audacity is free and I have a USB microphone. Not like this was going to be a high-quality studio recording going up for sale. So why not?

So, after a couple false starts, I’ve finished this trio of MP3’s of¬†The Quaint and Curious Victorian Village. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

I'm a size-fantasy writer, working on my own fiction and exploring other creative efforts related to this.

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