What’s New?

Jeez, so much is going on, has been for a long time. It’s only now starting to settle. Let’s see if I can explain it.

Last month was an awful month for writing or creative projects. Much of it was spent road tripping to my family out west, for my father’s funeral. That meant three days of driving through amazing geology and land forms (and oil drills and fracking), then getting settled in time for the eclipse. We got 1:31 minutes of total eclipse, where the temperature went down and the horizon was ringed in glowing red light.

Days after this was the funeral, and my father was apparently an incredibly popular man, because that was one well-goddamned-attended event. Everyone had their stories, everyone pulled me aside and told me about his adventures. After, I went out to dinner with distant cousins and learned about my genealogy, so I’ve got some great leads on new research (did you know I’m into genealogy?).

Home again, I ran a poll on what October’s writing contest should be about, and there was stiff competition, but ultimately the topic Unaware nosed out and held the lead. As of today there are 24 writers getting ready to crank out a couple size-fetish stories involving someone not being aware of someone or something else. The creativity that comes out of these contests is dazzling, so follow the action on Twitter with #UnawareOct17, and the stories will be released on November 1. (Read up on the Size Riot contest history.)

I’ve been wonder what to do with my Patreon account. I’ve watched those community-building videos they put out, and they don’t really apply to me: being a giantess/shrink erotica writer, my audience maxes out pretty quickly. It’s not infinitely expandable. But although many people do like my writing, some of them require some extra incentive to front me a couple bucks each month. This money goes to custom URLs, membership with Buffer and other services, everything that supports my fancy size-fetish online presence. Only recently, it occurred to me to offer a patron-only shrink fetish series. Two stories a month is worth two bucks, right? At least. So I wrote out the first installment today, and this schedule will be very easy to keep up, so hopefully this garners me a little more support.

Collaborations! I’ve been working with other artists and creators in the size-fantasy community. Very recently I completed a well-received interview with my close friend Giantess Tina, and tonight the talented artist GFsm has put the finishing touches on our illustrated narrative. This kind of work makes me especially excited and honored, to work with a specialist in graphic arts and provide the short story their work inspires.

And I guess that’s it. It may not sound like a lot, but it really feels like I’ve hardly had any time to rest at all, and it’s not done yet, obviously. Hope you’re all doing well.

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