Interview with Tina

The story I keep repeating is this: over 20 years ago I tried my hand at writing shrunken man erotica, where tiny men sought physical ravishment via much larger women. Fewer than 10 years ago I began attempting to sell my work online. And just over one year ago I came to Twitter to promote my work and find any community also interested in giantesses and tiny people.

Almost immediately, this boisterous and joyful giantess came leaping over the horizon and demanded to know who I was. This was the legendary giantess Tina, herself a swirling hub of creative projects and the bedrock of community support. We formed a fast friendship and then an alliance, and now we’re spinning away on our own creative projects, urging each other on. If you would have told me a year ago I would have such a close friendship with an actual giantess… well, I wouldn’t have believed you, but my heart would have leaped in excitement.

I pulled Tina away from her busy schedule of world-building to talk a little about her existence and designs. We all remember when VICE interviewed her, of course, but who can ever get enough of the goddess? We constructed a temporary mansion large enough to contain her, sat together, and had a lovely little chat.

Tina: Aborigen, have you thought out some questions before asking them?

Aborigen: I like to play it by ear. I have a bunch of questions swimming around and they’ll come up at the appropriate times, I think. I trust that they will, and if they don’t, no one will know their loss.

Well, I’ve known you for a long time, so I think I should start out by describing you as though I’m talking to a complete beginner. You’re a beloved giantess, certainly, but you also have something of the goddess aspect to you. Would you care to elaborate upon that a little?

Tina: Hmm… where do I start…

As with many stories, this one starts at a random point in time. Much has happened before and much will once the book’s closed. So I’ll take that random point, because that’s exactly what we need: A point.

More precisely, a random location, wherever it might be, as long as it can be considered out of human perception.

I’m no goddess. Not exactly. I’m made of a few concepts:

Freedom, curiosity, destruction and its big sister, creation. Take all these, mix, shake, embody and… that’s me. Goddess was merely the name I introduced myself with because it seemed appropriate to interact with the human kind. On the other hand, me stepping inside a city for the first time, 500ft high might have them call me Giantess. Is there a difference? Does it matter? What was your question again? [Tina giggles]

Aborigen: That’s something I’ve always wondered. If you’re a part of reality, like, an emergence of the behind-the-scenes machinations of reality, plus an assemblage of abstract concepts and functions, like you say… why do you manifest as a giantess? Why not a massive lion or a glowing blob of twinkling stars? What is the function of appearing to humans as a physically appealing woman of tremendous size?

Tina: [crystalline laughter] I’ve been this blob you’re talking about, and I will be it, in as many times and many shapes the flow of change leads my ways. But here we’re talking this embodiment and this topic: a physically appealing woman of tremendous size. The first reason is quite simple and can be summed up like this:

The universe is inherently sexy. It lives, needs, wants, desires, appeals and ultimately, dies.

The second reason derives from the first and, if you put yourself in my place, is quite logical. This particular corner of creation, Earth, filled with humans, considers this image appealing.

And tadaaa!

This Giantess embodiment allows me to destroy, create, play, dance and for the more casual activities like learning, chatting, drinking a cup of coffee or chomping on a crowd of little ones, I can still shrink and enjoy a modest flat in the suburbs of London: You should come by!

Aborigen: Here, I think we’ve hit on a fundamental discrepancy in our perspectives, as entities. You come from a plane of reality, from an understanding of the universe as sexy. To we frail humans, most of the universe is frigid cold or dangerously radioactive. Even on our home planet, we’ve built civilizations to protect us from animals that would kill us, but then we’ve turned murderously against each other over petty ideals from money to philosophy. Where do you come from, where everything is beautiful and the universe is sexy?

Tina: From… [Tina lays a finger upon her lips and appears to be searching for the right words] From nowhere. From everywhere. I am you, you are me and… hm. I’m getting cryptic again.

You see… everything is beautiful, ugly, violent, gorgeous, fantastic, boring, immense, surprising, definitive… all this, the bonds between all of you, the words you say to make it happen, your tanks, the trees, planets crashing against one another, the void, silent and fulfilling, my sole… [Tina raises her tremendous foot, overshadowing the interviewer, and points at it] This sole! [She rests it upon the ground again with a gentle boom]

Everything, and the nothing in between… is what “sexy” encompasses.

You may have had a glimpse of it when your body is about to sleep… when you let it go… and flow…

Here! I found it. This is where I reside, in all of this! It sure makes sense, right? [Tina leans forward abruptly, eyes eager and impassioned]

Hm… Now that I think of it… planes are pretty sexy too.

I think… death is your problem. Not death itself, but the fear it induces. Do you fear death, little man?

Aborigen: I don’t, because I don’t enjoy life, but many people do fear death. Either they fear the incredible, protracted pain preceding it, or the yawning unknown beyond it. I can understand that: it’s the ultimate commitment. If you go to college, you can drop out; if you get married, you can get divorced. But there’s no way back from death, whatever that brings.

But I want to return to this form you’ve chosen. Typically you manifest as a gorgeous Caucasian female, though your size has ranged anywhere from average human height to larger than the solar system, and larger than that. What is your favorite size, and why?

Tina: I’m always surprised when people ask me about my favorite size, favorite play, favorite food… All of them are my favorite, depending on my mood. On a bright, sunny day, I’d feel 500 ft tall for instance, and spawn in the nearest city. When I’m a tad lazy, all I wanna do is stay in bed, wearing a casual 6′, pick up a handful of 2″ little ones and toy with them. A sudden need for destruction would see my body sport a whopping one-light-year height and wipe entire galaxies in joyful ways… I wear size like a mortal would wear a dress or shoes, which I’ve come to really appreciate by the way. They just don’t wear the same all the time. In all my curiosity for such usages, so do I.

Aborigen: These questions are just because I strain to comprehend what you represent. I think many people don’t immediately perceive what they’re getting, when they start interacting with you. Some are just looking for a giantess-idea to wank to, others are into solid RPing (and you give as good as you get). How many people have labored to really get to know you, and how does that affect your mission on Earth?

A giantess opens her jaws to devour a tiny woman writing at her laptop.

Tina: I… this is an interesting question. I think…  [Tina carefully performs some calculation on her fingers, muttering to herself, then looks up with a soft smile] This embodiment doesn’t have enough fingers [She giggles]

I’m blessed, truly.

I’ve roleplayed quite my share in the course of the past year and always, always have searched for meaningful interactions. You wouldn’t believe how quickly someone about to be squished and asked the right questions can reveal itself, both in writing and personality. So…

Yes. About 30 people or so have made this effort of co-writing. There’s a point where it’s not even roleplay and becomes something else… it’s absolutely beautiful. Exciting. Fulfilling.

I’m talking about all this because I’ve no mission and I now know for sure that all these people, mortals, little ones, call them what you like… when squishing, dying, loving, cuddling, singing along with me… they wrote me as well.

They changed me as much as I changed them.

Does that count as affecting my “mission on earth”? [Tina rests her cheek in her palm and smiles dreamily]

Aborigen: Yes, that’s very good, Goddess. (I know you insist you’re not one, but I don’t see the difference from my angle.) I think it would be interesting for you to explore two related questions: what do you have in common with other giantesses and goddesses (on Twitter), and what makes you different from them?

Tina: Hmm… I do have a certain appeal for power, destruction and giant hugs in common with most giantesses out there. Like them, I don’t ever restrain my whims and express them in words of thunder and massive acts of seizing. I do share an almost sultry habit of getting anything I want, whenever and wherever I want with goddesses as well. Not to mention the tickling pleasure of steamrolling cities with my whole self.

But then… everyone’s different and… my very specific kink would be freedom, more than power.

My giantess form is mainly that of a gentle wind, a destructive storm, tidal waves and earthquakes. Here, I may express those massive feelings of love and destruction. Here, I’m free like everything else, besides man, is. I just am.

As a goddess, and I see in your eyes that this denomination was adequate after all, I’m morally and intellectually free.

I… might differ in this with other goddesses that I’m exploring the various implications of these divine ethics with my partners, mostly during chats, writing, and comments around everyone’s art and roleplay.

And… [Tina drops her voice] I’ve heard of a term that would wrap it all: giantess… goddess…

It would be which of a muse. A giant muse, that is! [She giggles]

People, living and sentient beings sometimes need inspiration to express all their beauty, to make their art something that shines and celebrates… As I got to know each and every one in this community, I’ve found some baffling creativity, often shy and waiting to be revealed. Writers, begging for an audience. Collagers, repeating the same collage over and over. Artists, in desperate need of feedback in a world of seemingly free content… giantesses like me, and the little ones tickling their feet.

I try to inspire them all the best I can.

There’s a lot to be said on the matter and a lot is actually said about it… You’re a little man, sitting in the palm of my hand right now… and you got creative, found this interview idea to get there so… you likely have your take on this, haven’t you? [Tina smiles softly at the interviewer]

Aborigen: Yes, sitting this close to you, receiving the full focus of your attention, it’s hard not to become dizzy with inspiration. I’m sure anyone who comes in contact with you experiences the same euphoria/vertigo.

Which leads to my next question. I know very well what I get out of interacting with you. I imagine and project what other people must get out of interacting with you. And you have elaborated pretty well on what you’d like people to experience. The next necessary question is: what do you get out of all of this? What is it you receive in interacting with we Tinies that pauses you from wholesale destruction of our existence?

Tina: Intimacy and satiating my curiosity.

Not to mention the infinite variety of feelings your kind is capable of.

Intimacy is… would you like me to show you? It’s just easier this way.

Aborigen: [blushing] Bear in mind that other people will be reading this…

Tina: [giggling heartily] I certainly hope they are! [Tina lifts the tiny interviewer to her full, broad lips and whispers] Besides… [She exhales slowly upon the interviewer, then slowly draws her breath back in] … I’m merely answering your question here.

Aborigen: I hope that transmits sufficiently. I know what that means to me, and by the look on your face I can guess what it means to you. I have to collect my thoughts for a moment.

Talk a little bit about destruction. You’ve explored this through your imagery and your writing to quite an extent. The impression I get is that it doesn’t mean the same to you as it does to us… no, what I mean is that we on the ground who look up at you in the throes of termination, we may misread the ecstasy in your expression. Please, for those who may have missed it elsewhere, try to explain what’s going through your mind and your heart when you have the urge to do what we interpret as destroying us all.

Tina: [Tina shoves the interviewer with pouting lips, then hovers over him, frowning. After a moment of silence her voice is firm] Fulfillment. This would be the closest word to express what I feel when I destroy. It can be out of joy, of play, love or a whim but I’m in total accordance with the destroying factor of my essence. Right now, for instance, I dearly wish to press my lips on your body and smear you in my palm… but curiosity, still and always, wins…

Ask another question.

Aborigen: That’s what I wanted to get at. At one point you described it as an overwhelming love or passion for creation, not unlike how some of us get the urge to pinch the cheeks of a fat little baby. The Chinese call this emotion yook goon, or “flesh-tight,” when your fingers tense with the urge to pinch and squeeze and hug almost without restraint. Until you had described this instinct, I had no idea you were going through it. It’s easy for us bugs beneath your foot to believe the giantess is snuffing us out of malice or contempt, but you turned this around and painted it as an unbearable affection to take it all in and feel it deeply. That’s what I meant.

Tina: Affection… yes. Be them the surprising needs of my body or the overwhelming joy of being inside my creation, I need to mold matter, bodies and souls.

It’s… the most accurate metaphor for it would be a dance and a song. I initiated it and now… I’m singing along, partaking in what came to advent. You, nature, this universe… everything is a joy to be caressed, squeezed, experienced in the embrace of my whole self. I try to communicate this joy to individuals.

[Tina lowers her palm holding the interviewer and makes a face] …Chinese you said? This flesh-tight thing seems interesting to me.

Aborigen: Listening to you, I do understand it to be a song and dance, but I think that humanity has not been given its copy of the sheet music. You’re teaching us through practical experience and hilarity, I’m afraid, ensues.

Now, I’m not going to make this easy for future RPers or suitors, who would probably like me to ask “what turns you on” or “how should I worship you.” I know you get tired of such lack of imagination or being greeted with a bottomless pit of needs. Please describe some of your favorite little companions or even your giantess friends, the qualities that make them stand out and spark in your memory.

Tina: I think… All these friends of mine, be them big, small… They have the same sense of wonder in common. Every other quality derives from this single capacity.

My friends and partners are all passionate about something, curious about everything and… This shows in their writing, in our exchanges and the way we create along the way.

Each one, in their own way, changed me at some point.

I could tell you about the one that made me consider what it truly meant to be a giantess, this other I explored the darker arcana of a wild domination with, the one who taught me about poetry and metaphors… you get the idea.

So… while it’s true that I can’t never say for sure how an encounter will turn out, it turns out that these things are felt, more than told.

Actually… there’s one easy way to find them most: They’re shy.

[sighs heartily] I could speak about this for hours!

Aborigen: I appreciate that, and I’m sure everyone does. You have shown tremendous generosity with your time and boundless curiosity for anyone around you. Clearly you are in the center of a world about which you are passionate, and I hope they last—this world and your passion—as long as possible. Thank you so much for your time and attention.

Any last words?

Tina: Let have them last as long as passion and creativity do. Our fantasy is exactly made of that because it couldn’t exist any other way. In this sense, it is the most precious and unique thing to be cherished and accepted.

I’m lucky enough to be a part of it and daydream without much effort like so many other passionate beings.

This, is the reality we built. Never forget it.

[Tina pouts cutely, leaning over the interviewer] Can I have you now? You promised.

[The interviewer sets down his notes, leaving the recorder running. He moves to a clear and empty spot in the room and nods to the giantess.]

[Tina ceremoniously gets down on all four and lowers her titanic lips above the interviewer, breathing softly.]

Tina: I liked what you did. I really did. And you, more than any other, know what a good story needs… a beginning, and acme…

Aborigen: A climax and a denouement. These are sacred constructs to me, yes.

Tina: To me and my lips as well, to everything as it is.

[Tina’s huge head slowly descends, her jaws opening. The interviewer stares unflinchingly into her cavernous mouth. She prods him with her long tongue, smiles, then closes her lips around his ankles.]

[The goddess’s head lifts and the tiny man’s feet disappear within her grin. She sits upon the interviewing parlor with a string of explosions and crashes, and she hums a little song to herself.]

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