Yeah, “Size Riot” is the name I’ve given these writing contests. Cheesy? I’m terrible at coming up with names.

Anyway, we’ve just wrapped up the fourth Size Riot contest for 2017. That’s kind of exciting: four contests, four meetings of aspiring and powerful writers in size-fantasy literature, and four winners. Let’s review:

This has been an exciting year for stories, I think. Look at all the new material that’s been produced. I’m thrilled that so many writers chose to get together for this competition every three months. The point isn’t really to win: it’s a personal challenge to write in themes we may not always choose to touch on. The story I like to retell is how I challenged Nyx to an informal and personal Cruel-writing contest. That was it: I’m not a Cruel writer, but I stepped up and tried to meet the challenge. Three months later, she joined us in the Gentle contest, which she admits was out of her comfort zone.

But that’s the point. The people who enter are determined writers who want to develop their skills, exploring themes and topics that may be outside of their familiarity, attempting to write credible flash fiction on someone else’s turf. It’s awesome. On the other side of that coin, I’ve invited writers who declined to join because the topic wasn’t among their strengths, wasn’t comfortable and familiar, held no interest for them. That’s fine too: there are writers who only want to stick to what they’re good at, and there are writers who want to see how far their talent reaches, what they’re capable of.

I’ve tried to write and rewrite that paragraph neutrally, but my words betray me, and it’s clear who I have more admiration for.

The contests were a lot of fun to host. My good friend Undersquid took over GentleApril17 for me, and she got to experience the charge of talented size-writers putting forth their best efforts, turning in original, never-before-seen work. It’s very exciting, whipping up the motivation of writers and the interest of readers, seeing these fantastic ideas, people taking the themes in unimaginable directions. If I sound overly praiseful of the event it’s because of that: these contributors have shown real brilliance and creativity in spinning familiar topics and dressing them in their original touches. It’s fantastic to witness and be a part of, and I have tremendous gratitude toward everyone who’s participated.

I’m sure the next year will turn out work just as amazing, so stay tuned for CruelJan18. And GentleApril18. And Goddess only knows what comes after that.

If you’ve been reading along with these contests, I would value your feedback for future events.

I'm a size-fantasy writer, working on my own fiction and exploring other creative efforts related to this.

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