Tiny Busy Thirsty

(I wrote out a journal entry on DeviantArt and thought it sounded so good, I wanted to share it here.)

I’m very lucky: I have a weekend to myself. My wife’s out doing family things, and all I have to do is scrub down the Thanksgiving dinner mess…

And write. My Patreon-only series are going strong (just picked up three five new supporters, thank you!), and I’ve taken advantage of my bonus time to write two more chapters for “I Will Break You,” set to release in December. This series is about Lynn, a pretty woman in a corporate office, who catches her coworker Derek gawking at her ass for the hundredth time. This time she does something about it, shrinking him down to a mere handful and locking herself in a small conference room to abuse him with much more than he ever dreamed of. Unfortunately, this is new to her and she loses track of him…

After listening to some jazz LPs and cleaning up the living room, I’ll start in on December’s episodes of “Mine for the Taking,” in which a college intern at a Black Ops nanotech lab is inadvertently blown up to giant-size. Fortunately, he finds his former boss, a power-hungry woman with vengeance on her mind, and she leads him on a romp through the metropolitan center. Both of these series are open to readers of my work who can afford three bucks a month, and until they’re pirated by my fans in Tokyo or Moscow, they will appear nowhere else.

As well, I’ve been interviewing some miniaturists about their work, as they make my fantasy that much closer to a reality. Thanks to Google Translate I got to chat with premiere artists Bakssang and Naox1116 a little bit, and I’ll release other conversations with other international artists in the near future. Please check out their work on Instagram, they’re phenomenal!

It was more timely when I wrapped these up, but last month I wrote up two Halloween-themed episodes, Part One and Part Two, in my ongoing “She and He” (Gentle, Tiny People) speculative fiction series on my blog. I have five separate worlds in which I write stories, each determined by whether it’s technology, magic, or nature itself that makes people big or small: “She and He” takes place in the world called Fairview, where Tinies are caused by a recessive gene. Tinies are born to normal parents all the time, but also some colonies of Tinies have retreated to form their own culture. Fairview has seen the most world-building out of these worlds and I have a lot of fun writing these episodes. I hope other people are into it as well.

On the 20th of this month, the fourth Size Riot contest wrapped up: if you’re into “unaware” giantess/Tiny scenarios, please go enjoy the accumulated UnawareOct17 stories. Voting is completed but the stories will remain. In fact, I’ve finally started compiling each contest into its own anthology, so you can read all the CruelJan17 stories in one epub, all the GentleApril17 stories, all of ButtyJuly17, and UnawareOct17 in their own documents. As soon as the cover art is finalized, these will be distributed for free for anyone who wants their own copy on their person, instead of having to go to the website every time they want to relive the magic.

Lastly, my good friend Undersquid gave me a story prompt and I wrote up a rollicking little one-off called “Inescapable Crush.” People seem to like it, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as well (and comment on this or my other work, for fuck’s sake). And if you like everything I’ve been up to, if you’ve been reading me for the past 20 years and following this blog, if you’ve been enjoying my stories on Giantess World (just added a new, long-overdue episode to “Back Row Attack“) but don’t want to subscribe to anything, I’ve joined Ko-Fi and you can buy me a coffee as a gesture. Coffee’s good.

There, is that enough? (These pastimes and more summed up on my Other Projects page.) It doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing much these past few months, but written out like this, it seems like I’ve been busy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to relearn Audacity and set up my sound stage to record some audiobooks…

(Image by Little Architecture)

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