Results of CruelJan18

We’ve done it again. One full year of contests, starting again at the top. A couple dozen people signed up, most made it to the finish line, and after three weeks of volunteers reading their work and electing them for various categories, we have the results of the CruelJan18 writing contest!

This was an excellent selection of stories. I wish I could have shown everyone how many five-way ties turned into seven-way ties, illustrating the quality of the material as well as the diversity of readers this contest attracts. People with different tastes boosted different stories in each category, over and over, and it was fairly neck-and-neck the whole way through.

And once again, everyone explored all the different ways cruelty can manifest, from blithe, nonchalant abuse for its own sake, to taking great pleasure in very personal harm to one specific person. Very different writers’ voices came out to tell very different stories. This round is a fantastic collection of talent and imagination, and like I tend to say, everyone should feel proud of their work. You created another new story, start to finish, built something that didn’t exist before. Congratulations!

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Photo by Alexandra Ișvănescu on Unsplash

One thought on “Results of CruelJan18

  1. I just read both “Accounts Receivable” and “Homework.”

    “Accounts” was good smut. Even before the shrinking started, I love seeing corpulent women using their bodies to claim space and assert dominance. The imagery of Sang’s hair flying and draping as she succumbs to the collision of flesh was well done. I didn’t have any problem with Carol and Lorean just improvising an assault. I did, however, get distracted by the unexplained shrinking and how Carol and Lorean didn’t seem to need an explanation.

    “Homework” was more self-sufficient, and I think it did a wonderful job of describing how someone like Maureen could find beauty in such cruelty. As much as the physical torture, Maureen clearly appreciates the mental disorientation she inflicts on her victims. I can’t praise enough Maureen’s refusal to monologue at the little guy, always keeping him guessing. I hope someone discovers her freezer one day.

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