April Showers Bring “May I Worship You” Flowers

It’s that time again: our stalwart warriors have taken up the charge, over the course of March, and signed up to do battle in April. What sort of battle, you may naively inquire? What else, you callow and ill-heeled rube, but the battle of GentleApril18, of course!

The stories have been released and are ready for you all to review, savor, critique, and vote on. Eventually. I mean you can read them now, they’re up and online (after a 24-hour delay due to stragglers and my tender, accommodating heart), but the voting form won’t go up for another week, just to catch absolutely everyone who would like to contribute but is finding life just a little too overwhelming right now.

So what I recommend to you is to pull out an unlovely notebook and a pen that’s always in the way, and crib some notes about the stories you’ve read. Think about the characters you liked, the passages that really touched you, the interesting ideas that sparked your… interest… and maybe which stories were the sexiest according to your tastes. I can’t presume to know what those are, because my readership is beautifully diverse and eclectic.

Am I the luckiest teeny-tiny person in the world? I just may be.

What’s different about this contest is that I have actually exerted some effort to promote it beyond Twitter. I’m writing this post specifically to advertise it to Tumblr, of course, but I solicited for writers on Giantess City and Deviant Art as well. Deviant Art is a self-indulgent Burning Man of an art gallery, where people plead for attention and validation, but Giantess City… has a reputation. There are a lot of great writers and artists there, but it has a reputation.

That reputation is because of a few people, and here’s an interesting study in sociology. There are just a few rabid shits there, regressive conservative assholes who shoot their mouths off without any encouragement at all. And even though there are hundreds of decent, friendly, open-minded people for every one of these right-wing assholes, our takeaway is commanded by the bigots. That’s who we remember, either because the genuinely decent people are so silent, or because the emotional cost of reading this spittle-flecked, slope-browed bullshit they diarrhea-splatter across the screen is so dear.

There’s one I could call out by name. It would probably give him great validation for me to do so, but I’ll just cryptically allude to him here, exactly as he cryptically insults my entire body of written work in casual conversation without specifically naming me. He’s just a wretched, unlovable asshole who will die alone, so all I really have to do is keep writing the work my friends and I love and bide my time.

I’ve taken a lot of commissions, too. This is phenomenal, because not only am I writing much larger work in deliriously extended series, but I’m getting paid for it. In a few months I’ve made more on commissions than in years of self-publishing on Smashwords. That’s not Smashwords’ fault, of course, I’m the sole advertising channel for my work there. But people who request commissions are asking for work they can’t find anywhere else, and they look at you hopefully, as a skilled writer, and they petition their sordid, lurid dreams to you, and if you find them at all amenable… together you embark upon a mystical, sybaritic journey of fantastic literary straits. I’m enamored of my patrons, honestly, and I’m getting adequately compensated to produce delirious works of shrunken-man fantasy equal parts world-building, psychological foray, and deep-tissue masturbatory material.

I’m very happy right now. I’m doing quite well, thanks.

Some of these commissions are available online, like the As For Ginny… series (formerly “White Trash,” a title I’ve grown to regret) and even Tiny Scrubbing Bubble. If you, Dear Reader, want me to continue any of my series on Giantess World, or start a new one entirely based in your imagination and desires, please reach out to me on my Patreon account and communicate very clearly with me. I’m friendly and compassionate, I think you’ll find.

Anyway. GentleApril18 stories are ready for you to read, so read them up and get ready to evaluate them in about a week. Thank you for being my friends.

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