Her Coercive Tone, 04: Easy Does It

Taking great comfort in the enormous breast upon which he rested, Marco tried to block out the cacophony of bowel relief going on somewhere far below him. Not easy, since the toilet amplified and focused all the noises of a middle-aged woman with a more-or-less stable diet relieving herself, and these noises rang sharply off the steel bathroom stall walls. He was nowhere near it, of course, and that was reassuring, but it was difficult to turn himself over to the erotic thrill of dry-humping a huge, pretty feminine nipple, itself swelling and driving into his crotch, with all that noise going on in the background.

At the very least, he wished he could hum to himself and try to block it out, but Dorris hadn’t restored his voice when she returned the power of movement to him. It was slow movement, of course, but it was better than being locked ramrod straight and jammed in various places on her body. And so with very slow embraces, very slowly spreading his thin little limbs out, Marco managed to slowly squeeze the heavy, round tit that rumbled so slightly before him.

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