Staying Well and Writing Well

There’s been a lot going on, once again. I gotta write more here to keep everyone appraised of it all.

I hope you’re all staying indoors, avoiding touching your faces, and washing your hands all the time! I hope you’re taking this seriously! It’s an actual pandemic, one of those world-crises I’ve been ready for, and it’s maddening to see otherwise reasonable, responsible people not taking it seriously. If you have to go to the grocery store, wear a mask, science-lab goggles, and nitrile gloves. No, these don’t protect you 100%, but they greatly reduce your exposure and viral load. This is a numbers game where you have to limit your exposure as much as possible, give your body the best chance to fight it off. We’ll get through this, but it’s an interesting test of to what idiotic, self-defeating lengths Americans will insist on flexing their individualism.

NB: Toxic masculinity is a cognitive disease that makes you believe people will respect you if you’re an asshole.

With that out of the way, here’s my writer’s journey. Considering everyone’s locked up indoors, my book sales aren’t really spiking. I’ve sold a few on Amazon, where I’ve adjusted all the prices down to $3, and I’ve sold a few on Smashwords, where everything’s on 60% sale through April in light of self-quarantine. Otherwise… I really don’t know how to break out into new marketing, when my topics are so niche.

Regardless, I’ve uploaded a new book to Amazon: As for Ginny. It’s my first Kindle Unlimited title (and believe me, people are sharing it), which means it’s available nowhere else. Longtime fans will recognize this as the short story “White Trash,” and in 2018 I was commissioned to write my patron into the story for a chapter, which led to several more chapters. It went from being a silly death-by-sweet-sweet-ass story to something more complex and engaging, I think. For this book, though, I had to rewrite the first chapter, which had been completed in 1998 and did not resemble the rest of the story stylistically. I also used the opportunity to smooth out a few discrepancies, so now I think it’s a better story all around.

If you like it, or any of my other stories, please feel free to review me:

What else, what else…

I finished one commission, I finished the latest installment of Bottom of the Funnel for Patreon, and tonight I’m working on my second commission because I’m down to the wire on it. Also? Sign-ups for GentleApril20 “Rescue” end in 50 hours, as of this writing! And speaking of 50, that’s how many writers we almost have. I thought Cruel was popular, but Gentle gets record attendance.

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