We’re four months into the new year, still stumbling around uncertain intelligence on COVID-19, and I’m now fifty years and three days old. It’s not an entirely unrecognizable world, but it’s different enough.

It’s been two weeks since I released something on my new Amazon account (again, representing a very difficult abnegation of my values; all I can do to balance this is remain politically radical and donate to humanitarian groups), so I decided to work on another collection of short stories.

These will not be new stories, however. Anyone who’s followed me diligently will recognize most or all of them. Some of these are the oldest works on my blog. Others are pulled from the archive on Giantess World. And when I say “pulled,” I mean they are locked privately on my blog (I need a record of these things!) and have been deleted from Giantess World and DeviantArt. Standard practice if one wishes to sell a book exclusively on Kindle Unlimited, but I don’t even know if I’m going to go all the way on that. Smashwords doesn’t represent overwhelming sales, but I have some loyalty to that account and my library there should still see new titles. Well, “new.” These are old works that I’m going to rewrite and dress up, fix, repair, &c. and sell in a collection of ten stories. I hope they’re entertaining and people will want to own a copy. It’s so crazy that I can sell one commissioned story of 5,000 words for $50, but 40,000 words on Amazon goes for $2.99. Gotta stay in the public imagination, though.

I’m being very open about this whole process, if there’s anything other writers can learn from this.

One thought on “Renovations

  1. Good luck with all your endeavors! Try not to look at book sales every day. Is that a thing you do? I think I’d look in the beginning, and then I’d try to forget about it for most of every month.

    I need to do a blog overhaul, at some point.

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